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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Mahalo for this Woman's Platform from Biden, Sooth! Rt..


I can imagine how much it sucks.. Such an impossibly traumatic

& heartbreaking life situation.

I feel for you deeply as just having experienced my sister & best friend passing away the day after Christmas. There's so many things I want to say to her and yell them at the sky instead.

Not that it's the same.. it's just all shocking and so unbearably sad.


Aw.. Mahalo, Hekate..

I needed a hug from you!

When you've been through one major Hurricane, although 28 years ago, you remember things.. Kauai doesn't need this. So glad it didn't hit the Big Island, Maui, or Oahu! I heard from a friend who was watching tv that all the weather casters were amazed how close Douglas came to their shores but missed 'em!

Should know by tomorrow afternoon what just happened.

Oh I see.. Mahalo for explaining that, captain queeg.

We are suppose to get Hurricane force winds from Douglas on Kauai about 2am.. is the prediction.

I'm waiting on edge to see how bad or if it spares us like it did the Big Island, Maui, and mostly Oahu.

Hurricane Douglas passing just north of Oahu with 85 mph sustained winds


Good Luck to everybody!

Mahalo, SunSeeker!

It's kind of weird getting ready for another Hurricane.. not knowing if it's going to take a direct hit or not.

The people who have to go to designated shelters will have extra problems with the Safe Distancing protocol.

Mahalo, 2naSalit!

I needed that!

I don't see any news about here.. I've been busy preparing.. suppose to hit closer to Kauai at around 2am Monday the last I saw.

I've heard from Locals that it could go either was.. they'll know more about 9pm our time.

I'm concerned about the other Islands, too.

Hurricane Douglas nears Hawaii as "pretty nasty" Category 1 storm


Aloha SunSeeker.. I don't know

if you've heard on the Mainland but Hawaii is under Hurricane Douglas Watch.

We're Prepared.. hoping for the Best.. waiting for the Boom to Lower or Hopefully Not!

Hurricane Douglas swirls 'uncomfortably close' to Hawaii


I'm so sorry for your Heartbreaking

Loss, Hekate!

We lost our dear sister, Mary, the day after Christmas last year unexpectedly & shockingly. She would have been 73 on February 10, 2020.

We were able to all go to Los Angeles from all over the Mainland and Hawaii to be with her daughter & her son who came in from Florida. I'm really sorry you all can't be together now.. Hopefully someday soon you can all get together in person to hug and celebrate Joe's life!

In the meantime you have Liam Clancy's beautiful, poignant song to bring together.


Mahalo, Rhiannon.. Retweeted! Thousands of Americans would be alive today if Hilary were president.

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