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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 268,269

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Rt.. TY, Eleanor! Fed Society


Mahalo, crickets.. Rt! President Obama eviscerates Trump without ever mentioning his name.


Rod Serling left me a $50 tip in an Italian Restaurant

where I was working, in Gainesville Florida, in the early '70s. He came in with a group of students of his from the University of Florida.

I teased him, asking for an autograph for the hostess saying, "I don't know who you are but she would like one".. everyone laughed.

Definitely a "fan".

My paternal grandfather died from it in 1919...

guess that was the 2nd wave.

He worked in a train station in Eastern Colorado.

I know.. I just saw this.. Voting here is All Mail in Ballot


Never mind.. I read the OP WRONG! So Sorry!

I've seen this before.. but, What the Bloody HELL.. how the Fuck

can that be LEGAL?!

I know it doesn't matter if it's legal or NOT for Fucking TREASONOUS ASSHOLES.

This Needs to BE VIRAL!

Aw.. Yes, John Lewis has always been there for People.. & Pres Obama

will speak at his funeral..

Source: Former President Obama to speak at Rep. John Lewis’ funeral


Mahalo for the full Dancing vid, George! Such a cutie Pie! It tears me up.. John Lewis reached so many of us on a deeper level.

Wow.. Mahlao for that link, JFA! How sad.. so glad they

caught him & he confessed on twitter!!

You're right.. not a "Maggat".. a grudge against the Dem Party from someone who volunteered.. and was let go
I used to live in Phoenix for 5 years many years ago.. It will always be dear to my heart. I can imagine how saddened and shocked the AZ Dems were.

Like I read .. they will rise from the ashes just like the Phoenix.

Mahalo for this very encouraing statement from Portland Commissioner Eudaly, KY

And, heartwarming message here..

And finally, don’t forget to vote in November. We can’t afford four more years of disregard for our Constitution and all the hard won rights and protections we’ve fought for over the past 65 years.

Keep loving, keep fighting, and stay safe out there.

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