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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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FB graphic of Deloras Huertas' recent endorsement of Hillary, lunamagica!


I just Liked it!

BS wanted the President primaried in 2012... he's always out there bashing the President to the

point that this Vid was made by Supporters of President Obama to highlight what sanders is saying about Obama and what actually happened.

Thank you for this, msrizzo I know more than a few Obama supporters who want nothing to do with sanders.

Republicans can't decide on a new Speaker? Here's a suggestion...

✔ ‎@dccc
Republicans can't decide on a new Speaker? Here's a suggestion...
12:14 PM - 8 Oct 2015
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And, the Country..

This is Hillary's Group, mahalo.


And, we give a shite what David Brooks says because..? I think President Obama says it best..

Thank you, Justin.. you're sweet to do this. You know what friends are for..

Steven, we love you.

"Traveling America.. Making the case for Hillary"!

I saw that, Kath! It's an awesome endorsement from Salma Hayek! Gracias!

Actress Salma Hayek arrives on the red carpet for the film "Septembers of Shiraz" during the 40th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Sept. 15, 2015. Mark Blinch/Reuters


Award-winning actress Salma Hayek announced her support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and helped launch the campaign, “Latinos For Hillary.” In a campaign email for Clinton, Hayek did not mask her distaste for current Republican front-runner Donald Trump, writing, “Es increíble that the leading candidate of the Republican Party has been irresponsibly campaigning, using unfounded and insulting accusations against the Latino community to win votes.”

Clinton’s campaign announced last Thursday that it planned to launch “Latinos For Hillary” with several events that were scheduled to roll out over the next several weeks, during Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs Sept. 15-Oct. 15, NBC News reported. Although Clinton's poll numbers have been sliding, she remains the Democratic front-runner, and a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found 53 percent of Latinos view Clinton positively, with only 21 percent having a negative view of the politician, Latina.com reported

We are one of the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing groups in the United States of America,” Hayek wrote. “We deserve a candidate who respects the contributions we have made to this country and understands how important it is that our community continues to thrive, all while treating us con dignidad y respeto.”

Here's a Vid of 6 minutes of President Obama talking about it..

"Knocking down barriers.. and helping American Business people.. "

"American companies are not going to disadvantaged"

"Sets the highest Environmental standards in history.."

"Unlike past agreements on the environment.. these standards are actually enforceable.."

"If countries aren't abiding by them.. they don't get the benefits of selling to the United States."

"And.. we are writing the rules for the Global economy.. not China"

The President: "As I've said repeatedly.. I would only sign this if I could be absolutely sure it was good for American Workers, good for American businesses, good for American Farmers, good for American ranchers, good for American manufacturers,.. we have met that standard in this agreement.. "

".. step forward, but there's going to be a long healthy process of discussion. and debate.. before this ever comes to an actual vote.."

"Posted on the White House website so everyone can get a look at it.. not just Congress but the American People.. "

"... Months before this actually comes up for a vote.. "

".. Plenty of time to go over it.. "

".. I expect there will be some misinformation that is propagated around this.. "

".. And, it will be an enormous achievement.. for us to make sure that 40% of the World's economy is operating under rules that don't hurt us.."

".. making sure American business, workers, and Made in America.. are getting a fair shot.."

He's thanking ".. everybody around this table. "a diverse constituency.. a lot of different groups are represented.. thank all them for their work.. to getting us to this point.. "

"..now let's get across the finish line.."

".. I expect there will be some misinformation that is propagated around this.."

You can bet your bottom dollar on that President Obama! Can anyone say "fundraisers" on misinformation?!


Environmentalists Praise Wildlife Measures in Trans-Pacific Trade Pact

The New York Times
✔ ‎@nytimes
Environmentalists are praising wildlife measures in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal http://nyti.ms/1hlu7hS
6:56 AM - 5 Oct 2015
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"WASHINGTON — Environmentalists praised wildlife protections included in thesweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal announced Monday, calling them groundbreaking.

They said the pact would strengthen international environmental enforcement agreements and could go a long way toward diminishing the illegal trade in certain plants and animals.

Those measures represent a major breakthrough on one of the most divisive issues in the contentious trade negotiations, as well as a significant victory for the Obama administration, which had pushed for strong environmental provisions against the objections of most other countries involved in the 12-nation deal.

"The provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership go beyond what we have seen in other trade agreements,” said David McCauley, senior vice president for policy and government affairs at the World Wildlife Fund, which was among several advocacy groups that had worked closely with the administration on the final language. “We see this as a very big deal.”


The White House
✔ ‎@WhiteHouse Big win for U.S. workers: @POTUS just secured a trade deal that helps the middle class. http://go.wh.gov/trade #TPP
3:28 AM - 5 Oct 2015 402 402 Retweets
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This is the BOG so please leave your negative attitude at the door. Mahalo~

It was so funny! The whole skit was only 5 minutes.. Here>>>>>>>>>>

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