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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes, thank you for posting this, Eugene! I saw that earlier.. Mahalo!

I think everybody understands all lives matter,” Obama said during a panel discussion at the White House. “I think the reason that the organizers use the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ was not because they were suggesting nobody else’s lives mattered. Rather, what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African American community that’s not happening in other communities. And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.”


Wow, brave.. you came back Sizzlin' just like you left! I know full well what the Peter

Principle is.. we were reading that when it first came out.. yeah, I know.. dating myself. lol

"The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong ..."

"The "Peter Principle" was written in 1969, but you'll realize immediately it's still very accurate and useful today. Many anecdotes and case studies may remind you of yourself, someone, or some people you've worked with".

http://www.amazon.com/The-Peter-Principle-Things-Always/dp/0062092065 analogy to Bernie Sanders..

Accurate analogy to Bernie Sanders..

From you link..

The Peter principle is a special case of a ubiquitous observation: Anything that works will be used in progressively more challenging applications until it fails. This is the "generalized Peter principle". There is much temptation to use what has worked before, even when it may exceed its effective scope. Laurence J. Peter observed this about humans.[1]

In an organizational structure, assessing an employee's potential for a promotion is often based on their performance in the current job. This eventually results in their being promoted to their highest level of competence and potentially then to a role in which they are not competent, referred to as their "level of incompetence". The employee has no chance of further promotion, thus reaching their career's ceiling in an organization.

#berniesoblack.. I remember that all too well, too. There was a vital reason for it goin' down.

MsmackyM ‏@MsmackyM · Oct 16
#BernieSoBlack he's going to fool black folks into believing in a free lunch worse than Barack Obama

Rod TBGWT ‏@rodimusprime · Oct 16
You know what I think the trigger for this latest shit really was? My interaction with Bernie Sanders supporters after #BernieSoBlack


The aggressors against #BlackLivesMatter Activists are disgusting and inexcusable.. and Bernie has never said anything about them even though he was asked to comment on it. No response that I've heard.

One way to honor #BlackLivesMatter would be to lead and acknowledge the disrespect shown to them by his own supporters. And, I'm not sayin' all of his supporters are doing this.. There are some who dislike it as much as we do.

Fortunately for us.. The DNC..

Mediaite ‎@Mediaite
DNC Approves #BlackLivesMatter Presidential Town Hall http://bit.ly/1QTW6BE
8:13 AM - 21 Oct 2015
31 31 Retweets 18 18 favorites


[quote]The Democratic National Committee has given its blessing to a presidential town hall held by leaders of the #BlackLivesMatter protest movement.

Tuesday, a website associated with #BlackLivesMatter movement posted a petition demanding the DNC create an additional debate to focus only on issues of importance to the black community: “It is not enough to poll the Presidential candidates on whether or not they think ‘Black lives matter’ or ‘All lives matter’ – we deserve substantive responses – including and in addition to criminal justice reform, what will the presidential candidates do to ensure that Black lives matter?”

DNC officials, and particularly chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, have long resisted calls to schedule additional debates. But the DNC met the activists halfway, offering to host a town hall instead.[/quote]

Now we can have some Nation wide conversations about #BlackLivesMatter

Excellent OP, brave~ Thank you.

Oh yeah? Wasn't he slamming President Obama as being "naive" about trying to

negotiate with repubs?


Sanders was responding to a question about whether he agreed with Vice President Joe Biden saying in his speech in the Rose Garden today, “I don’t believe as some do that it’s naďve to talk to Republicans. ... They are not our enemies.” This is just one week after Clinton cited "the Republicans" as the enemy she's most proud of in the Democratic debate.

He needs to make up his gd mind.

If Bernie Sanders were president, he wouldn’t be as naive about compromise as President Barack Obama.

At least that’s what the Vermont senator told David Axelrod on the former Obama adviser’s first episode of his podcast “The Axe Files with David Axelrod.”
Sanders said that after a “brilliant campaign,” Obama made a mistake by expecting that he could easily negotiate with the other party.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/bernie-sanders-naive-obama-214222#ixzz3pGOiksCi

Bernie doesn't know if President Obama thought it would be "easy". Obama's well aware of freaking rebubs, Bernie.

I really don't like Bernie.

In honor.. a pic of the 3 of them.. from Dec 2009..


Tweet from Ahmed..

Ahmed Mohamed
✔ ‎@IStandWithAhmed
6:50 AM - 20 Oct 2015
617 617 Retweets 1,084 1,084 favorites

Thanks yallerdawg!

This Photo of Hillary May Surprise You... But It Really Shouldn't

This photo, taken last month in the backyard of an Iowa State Senator, was posted to the official Hillary for Iowa Facebook page on Saturday.

A voter describes the scene:

"It was Hillary’s interaction with my kids. We were in Liz Mathis' backyard, and we went up to greet her. I couldn’t believe how my seven-year-old was acting with her—swinging her arm, hanging on her. He doesn’t do that with strangers. I was thinking, 'What are you thinking?! It’s Hillary Clinton!'
So as we’re standing there taking our picture with her, I said: 'We believe in you, and we’re here with you a hundred percent. What you’ve done for healthcare, women’s issues, children’s issues’—and she turned to me, and she put her hands on my kids, Sydnei and Fayde, and she said ‘I’m doing it for them.' And I started crying.

As we're walking away, I turn around—and there’s Hillary and Fayde, laughing. She said 'are you ticklish?’ and he said 'only in my armpits.' Then they were tickling. And he goes, with his tongue out:


I couldn’t believe it."
–Linda, Marion

When looking at the entirety of Hillary Clinton's life and accomplishments, the most obvious common thread is her passionate advocacy for children and families.


Sweet! [font color=blue]This is Hillary's Group~ Please your negative attitude at the door. Mahalo[/font]

Thank you! We're out of the BOG! Here's another for you, lamp shadey..

✔ ‎@NASA
We’re celebrating 20 yrs of finding distant worlds w/ #ExoplanetWeek! See our @Tumblr post: http://nasa.tumblr.com/post/131493842134/nasas-fleet-of-planet-hunters-and-world-explorers
11:56 AM - 19 Oct 2015
1,155 1,155 Retweets 2,128 2,128 favorites


Thank you for the 5th Rec, urc.. I wanted it out of the BOG so more could see this in case

they might enjoy Astronomy and Stars! With young Ahmed Mohamed

Mahalo for helping out!

The Stars Were Out~ 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed~Astronomy Night at the White House.

President Barack Obama talks with 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed during the second Astronomy Night on the South Lawn of the White House. Invited to the White House for the science event, Mohamed was handcuffed and questioned by police last month when he brought a homemade electronic clock to class at MacArthur High School in Irving, TX, and officials ‘mistook’ it for a bomb.

The White House
✔ ‎@WhiteHouse
"We need to inspire more young people to ask about the stars." —@POTUS #AstronomyNight
2:52 PM - 19 Oct 2015 553 553 Retweets
768 768 favorites

Former astronaut and NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate John Grunsfeld poses for a selfie with Ahmed Mohamed

President Obama with Brooklyn student Agatha Sofia Alvarez-Bareiro


Clock-maker Ahmed Mohamed meets Obama during White House Astronomy Night


President Barack Obama got a guided tour of the moon on Monday, peering at its craters through a large reflective telescope set up on the South Lawn of the White House to promote science and technology careers at “Astronomy Night.”

Obama was joined by budding young scientists who checked out a moon rock and took selfies with NASA astronauts and other science celebrities.

Chief among the selfie targets: Ahmed Mohamed, better known as “clock boy.” Mohamed, 14, was arrested last month when he brought a homemade clock to his Dallas-area school that teachers mistook for a bomb.

Mohamed was wearing a NASA t-shirt when he was arrested. The photo went viral, prompting an invitation from Obama to the astronomy event.

Obama briefly met Mohamed as he shook hands with students at the event, giving the student a hug.



I'll miss President Obama and his Family so much! I keep thinking that he and Michelle will be

doing something so riveting when they leave our White House that there will still be a need for The Obama Diary, which I have been reading daily since 2009!

That's when Chips started it because there were those on DU that were so jealous of the President.. they couldn't stand that she posted a photo-journal of his Admin.

It was an Awesome Silver Lining!

President Barack Obama bends over so the son of a White House staff member can pat his head during a family visit to the Oval Office May 8, 2009. The youngster wanted to see if the President’s haircut felt like his own. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama gives Make-a-Wish child, Chase Kerr, a high-five during a greeting with Chase and his family in the Oval Office, Sept. 29, 2009. (Official White House photo by Pete Souza)

Obama holds an 11-month-old girl from Bozeman, Mont. Olivier Douliery for TIME

nice date, thanks

From 2009.. http://theobamadiary.com/2009/10/26/hair-apparent/

February 25th, 2009~ President Obama and his family choose a dog.

(CNN) – One of the most intense guessing games of President Obama’s new administration is finally over: the choice of first dog.

First Lady Michelle Obama told People magazine that her family has decided to adopt a Portuguese water dog, pointing to the breed’s medium-sized and good-natured reputation. The breed is also hypoallergenic — a must, given daughter Malia’s allergy to dogs.


Later to become Bo..


Mahalo, she~ for an excellent OP on why so many of us will miss our President Obama.. extraordinarily so.
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