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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 256,018

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Rt Julian Castro.. & "My Puerto Rican mother in law's recipe for Adobo Seco:"


Glad to read it had a better ending and

the "Church volunteers had to step down from their positions".


You're Welcime, canetoad..

I just found it quite by accident.. I saw the Sarah Cooper "How to medical" and realized trump's nothing but a "quack".

So I googled "twitter/trump's a quack" and that tweet came up.

Thank you for telling us about who Clive Palmer is.. I had never heard of him before.

trump's a Quack! Quack!


Important thread.. Bookmarked.. trump's a Quack..


Sarah does say it best.. Thanks for the

refresher course, she!

lol.. I'm sure the "medical doctors" loved that.. it occurred to me that trump's a Quack! Quack!
P.S I just googled.. " twitter/trump's a Quack.."

Awesome! trump/ASSFACE.. You Are the

CRIMINAL Treasonous ASSFACE Candidate, Asshole.

Monster Fuck created sickening Chaos in the Streets! Please, don't anyone forget this Bullshit..


OMG.. she is So STUPID! she.. ".. believes.. " DUMBSHIT Isn't

smart enough to be a senator from Maine! HolyFuck.

TY TLP.. Rt!

More from the article..

Shannon reported Navar to the campaign's human resources director, who said she would address her complaints but "never did," the suit says.

An emboldened Navar "continuously scolded, undermined," criticized and ostracized Shannon, despite her continuing to perform her duties "fully and successfully," the suit says.

After further complaints about his behavior were ignored, Shannon "felt that she had no other choice but to resign" in December, the suit says.

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