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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 235,929

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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"In each case, the president has helped Vladimir Putin's Russia


They better not!


I wish the press would stop saying Giuliani was looking for dirt on Biden. This is not accurate.


Let This Sink In..


Speaking of #melanoma.. :(


I was looking for that the other day! I don't have a tv..

but I still see too much of his assface on DU.

Thanks, JimGinPA

Wow.. I was literally caught in the middle of a female Magat

outburst on the bus this evening!

First time.. so it was kinda special..

These two Filipino boys had helped carry my suitcase on the bus as it was loaded with provisions from Costco.. and I thanked them so much for helping me!

So the bus rolled and we were riding along and they were sitting across from me one seat up.. talking in their native language.. and all of a sudden this woman in the seat behind me yells out.. "SPEAK ENGLISH YOU'RE IN AMERICA NOW!!"

The guys said.. "sorry" Woman on bus.. "Yes you are sorry!"

I turned around and said.. "That's rude.." She said "Damn Right IT iS!"

I said.. "No you're being rude.. I don't care what language they're speaking.. that's their business.

She.. "No, they're Suppose to Be Speaking Proper English!!"

I said.. "Aloha.. that's Hawaiian!"

I told the boys.. "Sorry, she spoke to you that way."

They were so sweet.. I'm glad I was there. I got to yell at a MAGAT!!!

Thanks for the Reality Check, Goth!

May his numbers keep rising! Show impotentrump who's boss.

Yes, brilliant delivery from Joe Biden & Brian Tyler Cohen

was stunning!

Mahalo, Yo!
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