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The devolution of the GOPrs has been precipitous over the past couple of decades

As trending dictates, it won't get any better for them. They're way past the tipping point. They're taking the promotion of governmental incompetence, malfeasance and social regression to the lowest depths seen in the modern era. Unlike the past, the most remarkable aspect is the complete lack of intellectualism on the right and the absence of pretense.

They're not even pretending to be egalitarian and uplifting these days, unlike the facade of the Reagan era. The GOPr base is dancing around a dumpster fire in drunken reverie, no other excuse to show for it.

In this election, it's quite clear that Trump is not the cause of this fall from grace, he's the most glaring symptom of a collapse in our collective political sanity. If the center-right party loses its mind, it can only damage our politics in its entirety.

So far, we've held it together, in spite of the incredible amount of animosity that these right wing serial arsonists have launched against us and against our candidate. Clearly, to these people from their warped perspective, they're completely disoriented to the point where they're unable to cope with their own cognitive dissonance.

Reasoning with them is futile and giving them the benefit of the doubt is counterproductive. Instead, they need to be marginalized as much as possible and for as long as they choose to be irrational.

Rather than rehabilitating them, first they need to be politically de-powered. Standards of proper civil discourse are already defined. Until they adhere to these standards they ought not to be rewarded bad behavior, but only by positive reinforcement for good behavior.

The GOP needs to hit bottom. It needs to reassess itself and act accordingly. Until it does, it's only going to get worse for them and the rest of us as well. They need to purge themselves of their regressive ideology before they're considered for positions of responsibility. At this point, they're all bad.

They think that being bad is a good thing, in spite of the carnage that they've caused.

The only thing that we should do is set the good example. We need to be the adults in the room. We can't allow them to drag us all down into their muck. Because if we do, all will be lost.

Next time I'm driving around the area I'm going to count the number of houses with Trump signs

It ought to be interesting

Wingers who are so ignorant, they have no idea how ignorant they actually are

Hope'd you noticed that this nimrod was wearing a NRA tee shirt.


Another True Fact

Sometimes a thing stops you in your tracks because you want to know its story...

I took the time to make this post, because y'all get on my fucking nerves.

October 7, 2016

I used to wonder why people clung to the “black on black crime” myth like there wasn’t evidence to directly contradict them, but then I remembered that cognitive dissonance is a real and very scary thing, and if they as racists can do the mental gymnastics needed to justify the murder of unarmed black and brown people at the hands of the police, because it really all boils down to wanting to see us dead anyway, they will.
We’re sick of explaining to you that WE DO care about the crime in our communities. We’re sick of mapping out how we take up action within our communities.
We’re sick of this fucking trope.
Let me explain something to you about “rhetoric”. It snitches on y'all regularly.
The fact that you’re ignorant enough to even bring up BOBC as a rebuttal to us asking not to be unjustly murdered at the hands of the police tells me that you’re privileged enough to have never spent time in the communities that you’re speaking on.

“1) If black people care about black lives, why don’t they care about “black-on-black crime”
The first thing to ask is why do we expect black people to pick between the two?“


“For the most part, black civilians who shoot and kill and terrorize other black civilians are caught, arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail.

They are punished for their crimes.

Outside of a few exceptions, the same cannot be said of cops who target black civilians.”


Black people are hardly oblivious of the crime within their communities. According to polling, African Americans are concerned about and organize against the crime that exists in their neighborhoods. The roots of crime in the black community are structural. Crime is caused by socioeconomic factors rather than cultural pathologies or inherent criminality, despite what peddlers of the black criminality myth would have you believe. Many studies have shown that poverty and inequality contribute greatly to crime and other social ills.


“This argument — that black protesters don’t care about black death unless it is caused by police officers — is also demonstrably false.”

Fucking. Google. It.
More examples than y'all wish to acknowledge exist🙃

“In August 2015, Fox News tried to smear protesters in Ferguson by claiming they’d marched when a black man was shot by police, but not when a 9-year-old black girl, Jamyla Bolden, was killed by a stray bullet in her own neighborhood.

In reality, crowds of protesters gathered outside Bolden’s family home to pay tribute to the slain child. Photos of the event spread across the internet.”


It’s literally #1

“1. The movement doesn’t care about black-on-black crime. The idea that black-on-black crime is not a significant political conversation among black people is patently false. In Chicago, long maligned for its high rates of intraracial murder, members of the community created the Violence Interrupters to disrupt violent altercations before they escalate. However, those who insist on talking about black-on-black crime frequently fail to acknowledge that most crime is intraracial.”


“Why don’t you address the problem with Black On Black Crime?

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as Black-On-Black Crime. It is a catch phrase. A trope. Almost all victims of violent crime are victimized by someone they know. White people hurt White people and Black people commit crimes against Black people. Almost every study shows the biggest predictors of violence are socioeconomic status and the relative segregation of the offenders’ neighborhoods. When white men shoot up movie theaters or college campuses, it is never categorized as “White-on-white crime” even though 84% of the white victims of murder are killed by white people. Even though 53% of gang related murders are committed by whites.”


“There are huge problems with “black-on-black crime” as a construct, mostly dealing with the banality of intra-racial crime, the foolishness of attributing violent criminality to blackness—rather than particular conditions faced by some black people—and the injustice of treating all blacks as criminally suspect because of the actions of a small minority.

First, a little context: In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a sharp drop in homicide among blacks, from a victimization rate of 39.4 homicides per 100,000 in 1991 to a rate of roughly 20 homicides per 100,000 in 2008. Likewise, the offending rate for blacks has dropped from 51.1 offenders per 100,000 in 1991 to 24.7 offenders per 100,000 in 2008. This decrease has continued through the 2010s and is part of a larger—and largely unexplained—national drop in crime.

We don’t care about our own communities?


“You may not have noticed black protests against crime, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened.

Beyond the data, there’s the anecdotal evidence. And in short, it’s easy to find examples of marches and demonstrations against crime. In the last four years, blacks have held community protests against violence in Chicago; New York; Newark, New Jersey; Pittsburgh; Saginaw, Michigan; and Gary, Indiana. Indeed, there’s a whole catalog of movies, albums, and sermons from a generation of directors, musicians, and religious leaders, each urging peace and order. You may not have noticed black protests against crime and violence, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened. Black Americans—like everyone else—are concerned with what happens in their communities, and at a certain point, pundits who insist otherwise are either lying or willfully ignorant.”


Ya sure that it’s not just YOU that doesn’t care?

“All violence and crime is about proximity,” Carla Shedd, assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Columbia University and author of Unequal City: Race, Schools and Perceptions of Injustice, said in an interview. “Calling it ‘black-on-black crime’ is an unnecessary specification.”

“Blaming the crime problem on black people is unfair and ill-founded. On one hand, according to FBI homicide data, African Americans commit more homicides than other racial groups. In 2013, there were 5,375 black homicide offenders versus 4,396 who were white and over 4,000 whose races were unknown. However, that is a very small percentage of the national black population, which is over 40 million people. The vast majority of black people do not commit any crimes.”


“The argument is a logical fallacy: How black people treat each other has nothing to do with whether police should be able to kill them with impunity. What’s more, intraracial violence is about as common among white people as it is among black people. Per Politifact, black murder victims were killed by black perpetrators about 91% of the time from 2009 to 2013, according to FBI data; white victims were killed by white perpetrators about 83% of the time. ”


It’s so wild to me that the All Lives Matter crowd is full of the same people that like to scream about BOBC, yet there’s plenty of evidence of BLM speaking on and even protesting for white victims, and absolute silence from ALM.

<a href=“http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_55c0e240e4b0c9fdc75dfda3”>http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_55c0e240e4b0c9fdc75dfda3</a>

<a href=“http://gokicker.com/2016/07/14/blacklivesmatter-rally-around-dylan-noble-white-teen-killed-police/”>http://gokicker.com/2016/07/14/blacklivesmatter-rally-around-dylan-noble-white-teen-killed-police/</a>

6y/o Jeremy Mardis can also be added to this list along with many more.

White people kill each other just as much, but WOWC is never thrown in their faces to justify it or say that they deserve it.

In 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, 2,630 white people killed 3,172 white people, according to FBI homicide statistics. When comparing that to the black population, in which 2,447 African-Americans murdered 2,695 of their own, white-on-white murder is clearly the bigger issue.

White people are the largest demographic in the United States, and as a result, commit more crimes than any other race, largely against other white people. 2010 crime statistics from the FBI confirm that whites lead blacks by 2-1 in arrests, and lead all other ethnicities by 2-1 in incidents of forcible rape (66.3 percent of rapes were committed by whites, while 31 percent were committed by blacks). White people also lead black people by 2-1 in larceny-theft: 64.8 percent of thieves are white, while only 31.9 percent of thieves are black.

Vulnerable populations are generally defined as children and the elderly. Family members and significant others are also often targets of homicide, rather than random victims. FBI homicide statistics from 1980 to 2008 show that white people are, by the numbers, far more likely to kill children and the elderly than any other race. Additionally, white people commit more sex-related and gang-related homicides than any other race.


White men are literally the biggest terroristic threat to the entire country.


“But more white people die at the hands of the police!” Yes, and no. Also, why doesn’t that make you fucking mad? Why do you spend your time arguing with us about why we’re angry? Also, this same trope has been debunked by statistics time and time again.



ALSO, please look up “suicide by cop”, and please realize how this plays into the numbers.

“1. Almost all suicide by cop victims were white males (over 90%).”


Also, we’re going to address this one last time.

If this is ever your source, you’re stupid, you’re misinformed, and you’re racist. Period.

“The Color of Crime, a booklet by white separatist Jared Taylor, uses faulty analysis in its claims that whites are overwhelmingly victimized by blacks.
Around the nation, white supremacists and their fellow travelers are brandishing copies of a 1999 booklet that purports to show that whites have every reason to be terrified of blacks. For people from former Klansman David Duke to an array of neo-Confederates, The Color of Crime: Race, Crime and Violence in America has become a kind of Bible that shows them that they were right all along.”
“Mistaking Poverty for Race
But Taylor is plainly, demonstrably wrong.
Taylor uses an incredibly simplistic analytical method that flatly ignores the fundamental conclusion of decades of serious criminology: Crime is intimately related to poverty. In fact, when multivariate statistical methods such as regression analysis are used, study after study has shown that race has little, if any, predictive power.”


We shouldn’t have to keep having this conversation. We shouldn’t have to go through these lengths for y'all to stop believing that we should die.
Also, y'all can bitch and moan about the sources, and how they’re somehow biased because they put to bed all the lies y'all like to believe, but that will never change the fact the numbers and data that they hold are just that. Fact🙂
In conclusion, if y'all spent more time looking at facts rather than racist bullshit to justify your racism, we could get so much further.


Edit: This is the author's work, not mine. Please contact the writer at the link with kudos.

"Lotion. It better put it on, or else."

Ford Motor Company disputes Trump, declaring that they're bringing back the Bronco and the Ranger...

And they're going to build them right here in the State of Michigan and the CEO of GM is endorsing a Democrat for the very first time, instead of a Republican.

Well, alright MOPAR, the ball is in your court now.

What are you going to do with it?

"Don't leave me. I love you."

Get Out's Trailer Is Making White People Mad...

Get Out's Trailer Is Making White People Mad: Here's 5 Real Racist Incidents In History Worthy Of Anger

The thriller and horror genre has pretty much been drained of all originality. However, Get Out strikes out to bring a new twist to the genre; we are calling this ‘Racism Horror”. Get Out is about an interracial couple going to ‘meet the parents’ for the first time. However, the Black boyfriend is confronted with more than just some ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” level of racial tensions. He becomes trapped in a town that seemingly has a more sinister agenda towards young black men. The film is directed by Jordan Peele from the Key and Peele show.

This week some White people were already ‘mad’ about Luke Cage supposedly being ‘racist’: Here’s our reply to them:

With that said, there has been even more shock and social media outrage by a section of the white community and probably a minority of Black people who do not ‘get’ the trailer either. Namely, both of those whom are not or choose not to be aware of the history of racism in America. Yet, there are also some who are aware of the somewhat sensational point this horror film is making. Watch the trailer so you can gauge where their outrage or misunderstanding may have been born from.

The trailer ends with a one-liner that will no doubt be filling meme across the internet before and after people are glued to their seats fearfully watching this thriller


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