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Would you like to come and see my etchings?

Conservative Twitter, A Tale Of Two Tweets

The Chief of the Minneapolis PD just resigned over a cop shooting of a citizen

And this, boys and girls, is a fine demonstration of how white privilege works in America and why it's important to eliminate it. Its very existence can backfire onto white people as well.

Does anyone think, for one second that, had a white cop shot and killed a black guy named "Mohammed" under the exact same scenario a Somali cop killed that nice white lady, we'd get the same outcome?

When black people are killed so casually by the police, the actions of the police are usually condoned, even when those killings are recorded and egregious. The police are allowed to investigate and exonerate itself and the media plays along with demonizing the victims. With the killing of Ms. Damond, that hasn't been the case... Why? Because, in this country, white lives have always mattered more than black lives.

This is why the loud and clear message of Black Lives Matters is so important. We are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to police malfeasance and police brutality. It should be abundantly obvious why that message should be heeded.

BLM is trying to tell America something: This happened to us and it can happen to you as well. If only you had listened when we protested over lost black lives killed by cops, then maybe that nice white lady might be alive today.

White America, continue to ignore black voices crying out for justice at your own peril. The police are not your friends.

Unlike Angry Spice, S.H. Sanders is very comfortable with lying her ass off.

Spicey looked as if he was having a crisis of conscience every time he took the podium, on the other hand, Sanders lies with complete ease and without any remorse whatsoever.

Captain Nutmeg only lasted six months... Jumping ship at the earliest provocation. The Preacher's Daughter is going to be with us for quite a long time.

OK, who had six months on the Anger Spice WH career Dead Pool? YOU WIN!!!

I'm surprised that he held out for this long.

I'll be the first to admit that I've said some pretty mean stuff about John McCain over the years...

In every case, it was either about something he's said, about his political stances, his presidential campaign and the fact that that campaign inflicted Caribou Barbie onto the body politic.

But, in spite of that, I had always respected his military service and the fact that he once tried, though unsuccessfully, to carry on the legacy of Barry Goldwater in the US Senate.

Like some of you as well, with your friends and family, I've also personally seen what brain cancer can do to someone. It's some seriously nasty shit that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

It's times like this where politics has no place.

I wish him a speedy recovery and my best wishes goes out to his family.

Fucking Wingers.

Although he's getting plenty of well wishes from both sides of the political spectrum, I've noticed that it's the far right nut jobs who are being disrespectful to him in this situation.





And of course, the award for "Right Nut Job Scumbaggery On The Internet" goes to the many followers of Breitbart, after they put out this tweet:














At least one of them was disgusted by their bullshit.


Fuck these people.

This is the Best Explanation of Why White People Cant Recognize or Accept the Reality of Racism

As an African-American woman, I think that part of the reason that it’s such a challenge for white people to recognize and accept the reality of racism is because they truly don’t understand what it is and, in many cases, don’t care to learn, either. But whether their ignorance is deliberate or not, it’s important that the true definition of racism be made available to, at a minimum, prevent the “unknowing” whites from saying it was never available for them to learn.

Racism is often used in a loose and heedless way to describe the belief that on the basis of their genetic difference, some racial groups are innately superior to other racial groups in intelligence, temperament, and attitudes. However, to describe racism simply as a peculiar idea does a major disservice to the deplorable impact that racism has had on the economies and histories of most of the world.

Racism is a system of power and prejudice designed to subjugate people of color, while preserving the resources, opportunities, and privileges of white people. This system is fundamentally a socioeconomic structure that not only directly proposes to sustain the racial order—whites leading the racial hierarchy—but it also uses religion, politics, and education to preserve the freedoms naturally warranted to white people. Moreover, based on history, racism has awarded white people the power, resources, and wealth to deprive, exploit, and injure blacks and other minority groups for beneficial purposes—usually economic, political, and social gain.

Still, aside from the systematic pervasion of racism that has gravely impacted black and brown society, the most common form of racism is subtle racism or microaggression. This form of racism I have personally found many white people to be oblivious to. For instance, if a white “friend” says to their black friend, “Geez Ray, you’re really smart and cool. You’re nothing like other black people.”


The GOPrs, who are in charge of the government, turn out to be incompetent failures...

And, yet, this is supposed to be the fault of Democrats... Really?

Can anyone explain how this is supposed to work?

Look deeply into the flames, what do you see?

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