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These cops are tired of white people getting freaked out by their black neighbors

By Christopher Ingraham

"People, please stop making my job so difficult."

That's the opening of a discussion in "ProtectAndServe," reddit's community of law enforcement officers. The poster, who goes by the handle "sf7" and has been verified as a law enforcement officer by the forum's moderators, goes on:

So I'm working last week and get dispatched to a call of 'Suspicious Activity.' Ya'll wanna know what the suspicious activity was? Someone walking around in the dark with a flashlight and crow bar? Nope. Someone walking into a bank with a full face mask on? Nope.

It was two black males who were jump starting a car at 930 in the morning. That was it. Nothing else. Someone called it in.

People. People. People. If you're going to be a racist, stereotypical jerk...keep it to yourself.

Other forum users sympathize. One tells a story about someone asking the cops to investigate a middle-aged black man fishing in his own community. Another was asked to respond to a report of two Middle Eastern guys sitting in the same car. Another laments that "we frequently get calls about black men and woman and kids, yes [expletive] kids, walking. Like WWB (walking while black) was actually a crime and not a Twitter joke."

The stories pile on. A white security officer tells of the year he and his black wife lived in an apartment complex. "She got cops called a total of 9 times in the year we lived there I got zero," he says. A retired cop recalls the time a "lady called scared to death because some black guy was sitting in his truck across from her house" -- it was the water meter reader.


You always hurt the one you love...

Bad Cop, Not Donut: Black woman strip searched for broken tail light by Baltimore PD

Baltimore police strip-searched a woman in public for a broken taillight

By Kate Irby

It started when the woman was pulled over for a routine traffic stop for a broken taillight. It ended with her strip-searched on the side of a road, with a female officer even searching her anal cavity in public.

While one of the worst examples of officer misconduct in the Department of Justice’s report on the Baltimore Police Department, it’s far from the only one. The report, released Wednesday after a 14-month investigation, concludes the BPD engages in a pattern of practice of unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests; unfairly targeting black people; excessive force; and retaliation.

“This pattern or practice is driven by systemic deficiencies in BPD’s policies, training, supervision and accountability structures that fail to equip officers with the tools they need to police effectively and within the bounds of the federal law,” the report concludes.

In the incident, the officers ordered the woman to exit her vehicle, stand on the side of the road and take her clothes off. The woman asked the officer in charge, “I really gotta take all my clothes off?”

The officer told her yes and says he had a female officer search the woman. The female officer put on latex gloves and searched the woman’s bra area before pulling down her underwear and searching her anal cavity.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article94829582.html#fmp#storylink=cpy

I'm almost at the point of changing the name of this post series to "Fuck The Police." Almost...

That's how it's supposed to work actually.

Found him!

The Worst States For Black Americans

08/05/2016 06:23 pm ET

The Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts of 1965 made great strides toward racial equality. However, this legislation ― ending decades of government-sponsored racial oppression and intended to reverse the effects of hundreds of years of slavery ― by no means resolved racial inequality in the United States.

Racial differences in the United States are prevalent regardless of geography. While social and economic gaps are wider in some states than in others, the gaps exist across all areas, and we were unable to identify any states where black Americans are better off than white residents. For this reason, we expanded last year’s list of the 10 worst states for black Americans to include all 50 states.

Across virtually all social and economic measures, there are wide racial disparities. Compared to white people in the United States, African Americans are considerably less likely to own their homes, twice as likely to be unemployed, nearly three times as likely to live in poverty, and five times more likely to go to prison.

10. Iowa

9. Nebraska

8. Colorado

7. Louisiana

6. New Jersey

5. Illinois

4. Florida

3. Virginia

2. Minnesota

1. Wisconsin

See the reasoning for each state: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/worst-states-for-black-americans_us_57a50f9de4b0ccb0237249dd?

Wait for it...

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them Part 10

Jesse Williams: “We know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.”

10. After engaging in a shooting spree that ended in a standoff with the New Orleans Police Department, Derrick Daniel Thomas, was arrested.

He was later booked on five counts of aggravated assault.


if Hillary is already elected and selecting judges, how can the 2nd Amnd crowd stop her?

Not by voting... All the people defending DT's rhetoric with this bullshit explanation are soft-peddling a call to assassinate a President Hillary Clinton. They've lost ALL credibility here.

DT spoke from the prospect of being the loser of an election... Basically, he was speaking from his resentment of being a loser.

He is a loser.

Apparently, the Trump-luvin' GOPrs are in the denial stage right now

We're still waiting for the Trump-hatin' GOPrs to finish with bargaining.

November can't come soon enough to put the Republican Party out of its misery.

What's really sad is that they did all of this to themselves, practicaliy begging for it.
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