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After Being Rejected For A Booking Because Of His Race This Black Tech Entrepreneur Started Noirebnb

A study conducted by the Harvard Business School reveals that travelers with distinctly “black sounding” names are significantly more likely to have their requests rejected when trying to book accommodations on Airbnb than travelers with “white sounding” names. Rohan Gilkes, a black traveler and tech entreprenur who experienced overt discrimination when trying to use Airbnb has created Noirebnb, in hopes of offering black travelers a safe, inclusive alternative.

Back in April, Black users used the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack to relay stories of rejected bookings and questionable interactions, while trying to use the platform to reserve a place to stay. In early May, one user shared his story of being rejected by a host on Airbnb and then being accepted for the same booking, when he created 2 new profiles for a fictional white users.


We're not going to let white supremacy hold back black excellence, now are we?

Dr. Sinclair Grey III – Can ‘White Male Privilege’ Ever Come To An End?

These ‘so-called United States of America’ has always played favorites. Even though many have seen as well as witnessed some of the strides people from all walks of life have accomplished, there is without a doubt the notion that ‘white male privilege’ is still dominant. Let me say it this way. Whenever ‘white male privilege’ gets to flex its muscle, either financially, politically, and in the recent case of Brock Turner, judicially, people are reminded that we have a long way to go to see justice and equality.

The recent sentencing of Brock Turner to only six months in jail by Judge Michael Aaron Persky shows how corrupt our criminal justice system continues to be. Think about it for a moment. Black and Brown people are convicted and sentenced to longer sentences for much lesser crimes than the sentence Turner received after being convicted of rape. There is no justification towards the leniency Judge Persky handed down to this rapist. A letter from the father stating his son had no prior legal troubles contributed to the judge’s decision. In addition to that, it should be noted that Judge Persky was probably looking out for a fellow Stanford student. How deep is alumni loyalty to a fellow student who commits the crime of rape and gets off with a slap on the wrist?

America needs to wake up and address the disparity of handing down prison sentences. No one is so naive as to think there isn’t any difference in how Blacks, Whites, and Latinos are sentenced. Those who have the financial means are afforded the best attorney’s and resources while those who don’t have the financial means or should I say (the have not’s) are stuck with insufficient representation.

What’s so troubling in this ‘white male privilege’ case of Brock Turner is that the victim has to relive her nightmare. Often times, the ‘white male privilege’ syndrome doesn’t care who it/he hurts. It’s all about self-gratification. Let’s be real for a second. ‘White male privilege’ is alive and well. Because it’s alive and well, it will crush, degrade, and demean anyone and anything that gets in its way. As soon as those who are not privileged to that upper echelon come to grips with this idea, perhaps change will happen.


Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Who Spent 5 Years in Prison for Rape Comments on Turner's Sentence

Wrongfully Convicted Black Man Who Spent 5 Years in Prison for Rape Comments on White Student’s Lenient Sentence

Brian Banks was a high school football star with his whole life ahead of him when a false rape allegation landed him in prison. Banks, who has since been cleared of the charges, can be counted among those who are outraged by the lenient sentence handed down to a white swimmer convicted of rape.

Stanford swimmer Brock Turner was by all accounts an all-American student before he was convicted of sexual assault. Turner had been facing up to 14 years in prison, with prosecutors requesting he be sentenced to six.

Judge Aaron Persky, however, dismissed both the sentencing guidelines and the recommendations of prosecutors in sentencing 23-year-old Turner to six months in prison for assaulting a female student behind a dumpster. It is likely that with good behavior, Turner will be out of jail in only six months.


“I would say it’s a case of privilege,” Banks said. “It seems like the judge based his decision on lifestyle. He’s lived such a good life and has never experienced anything serious in his life that would prepare him for prison. He was sheltered so much he wouldn’t be able to survive prison. What about the kid who has nothing, he struggles to eat, struggles to get a fair education? What about the kid who has no choice who he is born to and has drug-addicted parents or a non-parent household? Where is the consideration for them when they commit a crime?”

Although the judge was empathetic to Turner, Banks said the judge in his case couldn’t have cared less.


Forthcoming reminder for why one should not tutch the but.

And on keyboards...

Meanwhile, in my neck of the woods:

Teens Post Video On What They Would Do To Black People As President (VIDEO)

By Randa Morris on June 5, 2016 10:44 am ·

In a video uploaded to Facebook earlier this week, a group of students from Grosse Pointe, Michigan can be heard talking about what they would do to Black people if they were president.

As reported by New York Daily News the students recorded the video over Memorial Day weekend.

In the video a male student can be heard talking about his hatred for Black people, calling them “f—–g stupid” and worthless.” The student goes on to say, “they need to leave our country, send ‘em back to Africa, or the slaves, one of the two options.”

Another student asks, “So what are you going to do in 2040,” referring to the year he’ll become president of the United States.

The first student replies, “Oh, segregate. They get Maine, North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming…”

Another student asks, “How are they going to be treated?”

“Awful,” he responds, saying, “they’re going to be owned by white people, and white people are going to be the dominants of the country.”

Another student says “We’re gonna burn them on stakes.”


A response to Louie Gohmert's concern about sending gay astronauts to outer space...

The Greatest...

"All joking aside?" Really?

Electing Trump would be confirming America's status as a failed state.

The Republicans Party has spent the last 40+ years chipping away at our civic body politic, that is barely functions as nothing more than conduit for the massive upward redistribution of public wealth.

We're pretty much an oligarchy at this point, masquerading as a democratic republic.

A Trump presidency will be nothing more than a figurehead, not to mention the irreparable damage he'd cause with the tacit approval of a gerrymandered Republican controlled Congress.

Can the course be reversed? Sure it can. All you have to do is keep Trump out of the White House and kick out the GOP majority.

Are we ready to do that?

It remains to be seen.
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