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John Leguizamo Just Nailed the Hypocrisy of People of Color Having to Learn White Culture

By Mathew Rodriguez July 20, 2016

When it comes to the cultural exchange in the United States, John Leguizamo says it's more than a bit one-sided.

In a video interview with Big Think posted Saturday, the 51-year-old award-winning actor and playwright spoke about the inequities of forcing people of color to learn white culture without white culture reciprocating.

He said:

"As a Latin person, you know, minorities, black people have to do it as well. We have to immerse ourselves in white culture and learn about white culture. And it's all we were taught in school and in movies. And so we learn but it's not reciprocal, you know. It's not a reciprocal thing that happens that white culture wants to learn about Latin culture or black culture."

Given that Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) recently said on MSNBC that white people and Europeans contributed more to culture than any other group despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary Leguizamo's comments are particularly timely. King's comments are the result of white people not being required to learn the culture and contributions of people of color, even though people of color in America must learn white culture and history.


Freaking Jill Stein freaks on Twitter...

Check this out:

Basically, she's fueling anti-vax hysteria here in this vid and during the DNC, she was tweeting out some patently anti-Hillary BS. So, I simply replied that people should vaccinate their damn kids.

I got some replies from her freaking fans, of course. However, none of them will state whether or not our gawd damned vaccinations are safe or not. It's not a hard concept to understand.

But, just has wacky as the faith-based wingers are, her fans are just as faith-based wacky as well:

Mr_Scorpio @Mr_Scorpio
@PoliticalAnt @DrJillStein @US_FDA And she thinks that she's going to change the system & keep vaxxes safe at the same time. R they unsafe?
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Anthony B. ‏@PoliticalAnt 9m9 minutes ago
Anthony B. Retweeted Mr_Scorpio
.@DrJillStein would try if elected @POTUS and what matters is that anti-vaxxers THINK they're unsafe. https://mobile.twitter.com/Mr_Scorpio/status/758932434008223744?p=v #Jill2016
Anthony B.

What the actual fuck? This is about science... Not what a bunch of granola munchers are "thinking." Because when people "think" that they shouldn't vax their damn kids, bullshit like this happens:

Tara Hills, Ottawa mom, changes anti-vaccination stand, but 7 kids still get sick

An Ottawa mother of seven "defected" from the anti-vaccination movement, but then her youngest a 10-month-old son contracted whooping cough before she could get all of her children their shots.

Tara Hills told CBC News that since all her children, aged 10 and under, were showing symptoms of the contagious disease, they have been advised to take antibiotics and stay inside their Kanata home for five days.

Her first three children were partially vaccinated, she said. But she decided to stop after the fourth was born because she was suspicious of the medical community.

"I just got scared. I got spooked. I thought, 'There's a lot of smoke, there must be fire.' We stopped vaccinating," she said.

Hills said she had recently started rethinking her position on vaccinations. Before her youngest was diagnosed with whooping cough, she said, she met with her family doctor to put together a "catch-up vaccination schedule" for her children.

"It's very sobering and it's very raw because we had just made a more fully informed decision about vaccinations. We had just defected from the anti-vaccination camp," she said.


We don't have the time and expense of all of our kids to be dealing with the kind of political opportunism that Jill Stein is sowing out there in the world. This is about life and death and not something to be played around with.

Don't sell Trump short...

"Hmmm, PokemonGo players are tasty too."

Trump took the bait... He's sputtering all over his twitter account with BS talking points

I can't wait for the debates.

Top four speakers ranked...

Mr. Khizr Khan kicked Trump to the curb with his OWN copy of the Constitution... He knows it more than Trump ever will.

"Pundits" - People who sit in front of a TV camera and don't know what they're talking about

Unless it's all about their own agendas and not about what we've all seen with our own eyes and heard with our own ears.

Hillary responds to the RNC...

See the signs...

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