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Member since: 2002
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You have to break some eggs to make an omelette

Political processes are inherently messy, and although it's pretty messy for us right now, I believe that it's going work out for the best and bring us all closer together in the end.

The people who thought they were hurting us may have just given us the tools to enhance our own unity. Strength of purpose to keep Trump out of the Oval Office will definitely take precedence over everything else, in the aftermath of today.

I'm really looking for our overall message of positivity taking center stage this week in Philly.

And for the record, I love omelettes, they're delicious.

How I'd change the election system, if I had the power...

1. All elections would be publicly funded, with no private association, trade union or corporate donations. However, individuals can contribute, but are limited to $250 to any one candidate during an election cycle. This would effectively end PACS.

2. Automatic voter registration for all citizens at age 18, by making voting a constitutional right. You can still opt out of voting, if you want to.

3. Make election days national holidays and on a Saturday or Sunday.

4. Standardized paper ballots that can also serve as ballots by mail that any registered voter can opt to do instead.

5. Instead of staggering primaries over several months, a single national primary day, as we have for the general election day. Three months before the general, sounds about right.

6. Automatic restoration of voting rights for all ex-offenders who have finished their sentences.

7. A TV and radio station set up to run election ads, free of charge to the candidate's campaigns, where each candidate is allocated an equal share of the air time.

8. End gerrymandering. http://www.endgerrymandering.com

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. If you'd like to dispute my suggestions of make other suggestions of your own, i.e., proportional representation, be my guest.

I think that we can do a way better job of how we're doing this now.

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo wish you all a happy Sunday

Crushed some mini Heath Bars, sprinkled them on some ice cream...

And ate the pain away.

The Blessed Event...

Never let it be said that Iraqis don't have a sense of humor...

I think that I now know where to eat next time I'm in New York City...


"He's no good for you, Sharon..."

Warning: Adult content

Fabulous Sea Fauna Don't Give A Fuck, 'Cause Fabulous Sea Fauna Is Too Busy Being Fabulous...

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