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I miss Jacques Cousteau...

Anyone catch that crazy woman caller on C-Span a moment ago?

I bet that her neighbors think she's a hoot.


One big diff between the DNC and the RNC...

Very few people, if any, came forward with stirring testimonials of times when Donald Trump had their backs in times of need.

Hillary is going to have our backs. That's what she does. Stand with her, because she's standing with us.

Stronger together.

Women's rights are human rights

Not the night for crib noting trophy wives, that's for sure!

Stronger together!

Ok, 57 delegations to the DNC

Fifty states, DC, PR, VI, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and Democrats Abroad.

Who am I missing? I have no idea.

I'm guess that I'm about to feel silly.

This year's election is much like a Rorshach Test...

Candidates on both sides aren't necessarily who they actually are in reality. Some voters only see in them what they want to see.

Much of this depends on one's own inherent hopes and fears.

The main difference between Clinton and Trump is that most of Hillary's supporters believe that her Administration should have constant feedback, guidance and Democratic support against the GOPrs as needed, while Trump's supporters look at him as either a foil against Hillary or some kind of Cheeto Jeezus.

My own personal take on Hillary Clinton is based on my close observation of her over the past two decades plus. She's smart, she's ambitious but not arrogantly so. She's well read and has an in-depth knowledge on how government functions. She has a wealth of experience, much of it coming from the establishment being hell bent on putting her in what it thinks is her "place." She has an innate sense of self-awareness on one hand, but she's not always aware how she comes across to people, on the other. She also has a binding sense of responsibility.

Overall, she's not perfect, but no one is. However, given the situation that we're currently in, she's the best person for what's coming ahead.

I don't expect her to completely go it alone. This is where the far left needs to come in. Rather than focusing on the top, it needs to build a grassroots coalition. This is hard, tedious work and the furthest thing from glamorous. Sitting out because of not getting one's way is more detrimental than it is helpful. There are too many GOPrs in state houses, governor's mansions and Congress to sit on one's hands and pout. Work needs to be done, so let's do that.

On the other side, in short, Donald Trump is a disaster area waiting to happen. I don't see any admirable traits in him whatsoever. So, he's fucking rich on paper. So is Scrooge McDuck, but that doesn't make him presidential either.

Between the two, support for either one depends on what kind of view one has of the country and of the world. Clearly the Trump side has an overall negative view, driven by a whole host of discredited ideas, fears, paranoia and prejudices. It's a cynical, ultimately selfish and self-destructive point of view. Much of it distorted by the absence of facts and imposed by a constant diet of right wing propaganda.

It's the bubble that the right chooses to live in, under an entitlement that they believe they've earned.

On the other side, we've developed our vision on how the world is by considering how we've gotten to this point, to a certain extent. The totality of which is determined by who we are as individuals as well as our own group identification. We all don't see eye to eye many times. But, to the credit of most of us, we do see the danger that a potential Trump presidency represents. A danger that is lost on far too many on the other side, but not all, of course.

When it comes right down to who is chosen this November, the voters are sending a message. Their side believes that America is somehow a failed state, under constant threats that the present administration refuses to acknowledge. To them, America is in the hands of their enemy, and it must be "taken back," despite much of it being under their control already. There is no limit to the pain that they wish to inflict on others. No limit to the stupidity that they wish to promote. No end to their small-mindedness and general hatred.

They're on the wrong side of history and the losing side of demographics. Sucks to be them. No wonder many of them are driven by nihilism.

On our side, most of us still have hope and a generally positive idea of the country and the country's future, even if we need put in the extra work.

This is what each sees in the other. I think that we have the much better vision on our side. All in all, we think that America is already great. What I want to see is a rollback on their control. That way we can make it even better that it already is by helping ourselves live up to our potential.

Stronger together, everybody.

Now that Bernie has endorsed Hillary Clinton's bid, what's next for the revolution?

Well, the White House is clearly off the table for the time being, so let's put the focus here:

This looks like a great start.

(Thanks, Scuba!)

River Tiber - Flood

Beat Spacek - Alone in Da Sun

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