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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 68,458

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My TV's off right now

And will remain off until ST: DS9 comes on

Let it be written, let it be done.


The country formerly known as America will be "governed" by at least 10 Trump Rules

Welcome to New Trumpanistan where...

1. Whatever Trump says, you're better off by presuming that he's lying.

2. There's no amount of pettiness that's too insignificant to hold Trump's interest, especially any criticisms about him.

3. Incompetence and malfeasance aren't bugs, they're features.

4. Reality will be a precious commodity, and fresh water and clean air will also be the same.

5. Dunning and Kruger can't take your calls right now, they're too busy being out having a field day.

6. You can't always get what you want, and it won't be that hard to find out that you can't get what you need either.

7. Whatever Trump says he'll always have some spokesperson to point out that he didn't mean what he just said.

8. It turns out that Trump's suckers were born early enough to be of voting age.

9. There is no security.

10. Those who have trusted Trump have done so at their own peril.

We'll write more as needed.


"Let's give Obama a chance," said no Republican EVER.

So fuck Trump and chances.

Not happening.


Actor Miguel Ferrer passes away

Miguel Ferrer, “NCIS: Los Angeles” star, is dead at 61

Noted character actor Miguel Ferrer, star of “Crossing Jordan,” “Twin Peaks” and “NCIS: Los Angeles,” has died following a battle with cancer. He was 61.

Born in Santa Monica, California, Ferrer began his career working on numerous television shows in the 1980s, with guest appearances on the likes of “CHiPs,” “Cagney & Lacey” and “Magnum P.I.” In 1990, he debuted as FBI agent Albert Rosenfeld on David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks.”

Ferrer reprised that role on Showtime’s upcoming “Twin Peaks” revival, which debuts later this year. His death was first reported by Deadline.

In 2001, he starred opposite Jill Hennessy on “Crossing Jordan,” which ran for six years. And in 2012 he joined the cast of “NCIS: Los Angeles” opposite LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell.

Ferrer’s numerous film gigs included “RoboCop,” “Blank Check,” Hot Shots! Part Deux” and “Iron Man 3.” He is survived by his wife and two sons.


Farewell, Bob Morton

As long as Trump and The GOPrs are running the government...

I'm perfectly fine with running America under Pottery Barn rules: If the GOPrs break America, they bought it.

No lifelines, you incompetent Republican motherfuckers. Stealing control of the government comes with consequences.

Meanwhile, rather than playing tit for tat with the GOPrs, we ought concentrate on building support for Democrats in the spaces between large urban centers.

Personally, mobile Dems ought to consider making a move into Red America. We need to literally spread the love around.


For me, Friday is show day

Show time is 1PM ET, of course, and one hour before, while America is going to hell in a hand basket, I'll be too busy with other things to care to watch.

One thing though, I've already collected several tracks, all with the corresponding theme of FDT or a variation thereof.

The plan is to end each one of my programs with a FDT track during all of 2017 and at the end of the year I'm going to create a special mix of all those tracks and post it on Mixcloud.

It's a small thing, I know. But hell, I'm on the internet... It's not like the FCC can say anything about it.


The Young Pope, do you like it?

I'm not feeling this one.

The Subtle Linguistics of Polite White Supremacy

by Yawo Brown // TheMagicalNegro.net

What is Polite White Supremacy?

Polite White Supremacy is the notion that whites should remain the ruling class while denying that they are the ruling class, politely. Affectionately, it’s called #PWS for short. It has been referred to as the Casual American Caste System, Delicate Apartheid, Gentle Oppression, or what I like to call it after a few drinks: Chad Crow, the super chill grandson of Jim Crow.

No but seriously, Polite White Supremacy is very real. So why is it that we must specifically say ‘Polite White Supremacy’ rather than Racism? We must say Polite White Supremacy for three reasons. First, saying #PWS puts the responsibility solely on the creators of a systemic problem. Second, this phrase addresses the subtlety and casualness with which oppression is administered. Thirdly, it eradicates the all-too-common confusion between racism and prejudice. It’s important to eradicate this confusion so it can be clear that racism is tied to a power structure and access to resources.


Racism and prejudice are NOT interchangeable. Racism is the systemic oppression of one group of people who can be categorized within certain phenotypical traits over multiple generations that has been, at one point, sanctioned by a country, the majority and/or ruling class. Racism is committed only by the ruling class and agents of the ruling class because they have the power that comes with racism. Racism, in America, is absolutely the attack dog of the white ruling class. However, sometimes it’s also a slow poison in that it causes its victims to die of exhaustion or grief. Again, racism is a kind of prejudice that comes with power. Racism is the systematic and intentional oppression of group of people from the ruling class and its agents. In America, the ruling class is white people…of all classes.


I haven't seen anything out of Trump that would make him remotely trustworthy

Duplicitous and mendacious are words that were made to describe him.

Deal with him at your peril.


The Greatest GIF Ever...

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