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OMG, I just found an online "The Aristocrats" joke repository

People write their own versions of the joke and submit them for ratings. It's about as filthy and disgusting as one can possibly imagine. But with my dirty mind, I can imagine quite a lot.

Just the other day on Twitter, when Joy Reid labeled the Trumps "Kleptocrats," I jokingly tweeted back to her that a Kleptocrats joke about the Trumps would make the Aristocrats joke sound G rated.


I stand by that assertion.

Presidents don't do war planning, that's what the military staff is for...

If you have a President who picks targets on a map, and decides when to attack those targets, without any inclination of a mission objective, that President is incompetent and presents a danger to both the troops in the field and the overall mission.

The dedicated and delegated staff's job is to present the Commander-In-Chief with information and options. Commanders are dependent on those who work below them. They make decisions and issue orders with the coordination of and through the senior staff.

If commanders are doing the jobs of their staffs, then nothing will go right.

Presidents need to understand what the concept of Command and Control is. They need to ensure that their staff and field commanders handle coordination, reconnaissance and contingency planning and implementation of the operation as planned. They need to let the professionals to their damn jobs.

Trump, doesn't even understand what the lowest ranking NCO knows about military operations. He's never spent one day in the Military. Gawd knows where he thinks he got his information about the Military from. After all, he tells everyone that he knows more than the generals.

That's insane.

Trump is clearly incompetent as Commander-in-Chief. He's incompetent as Chief Diplomat... He's incompetent as everything. This is why he's getting people unnecessarily killed.

And it won't be the only time either.

But, hey... Emails!

First Trump approval rating lags behind past presidents

By Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director

Updated 4:04 PM ET, Fri February 3, 2017

Washington (CNN)It's been two weeks since Donald Trump's inauguration, and the new President's work so far hasn't impressed the American people.

A majority, 53%, disapprove of the way the President is handling his job, according to a new CNN/ORC poll, marking the highest disapproval for a new elected president since polls began tracking those results. Trump is the only President to hold a net-negative rating this early in his tenure.
Read the poll results

Overall, 44% approve of the way he's handling the job, seven points below the previous low-point of 51%. Further, the share who disapprove "strongly" of Trump's work as president is nearly as large as the total block who approve, 43% feel intensely negative about Trump. Partisanship is the sharpest divider in opinions on Trump (90% of Republicans approve vs. 10% of Democrats).
Trump's high disapproval most clearly differentiates his ratings from those of his predecessors. While Ronald Reagan's first approval rating measure of 51% from Gallup in 1981 was not that far above Trump's 44% now, Reagan's disapproval number was far lower than Trump's (13% to 53%). And George W. Bush, the last president to be elected without capturing the popular vote, held a far more positive 57% overall approval rating in February of his first year in office, with just 25% disapproving.

Several specific actions Trump has taken in his first two weeks are also meeting with majority opposition, according to the poll. Most oppose the travel restrictions put in place by executive order last week, and 55% say they see it as an attempt to ban Muslims from entering the US. Further, 6 in 10 oppose Trump's plan to build a wall along the border with Mexico.


Keep up the great work, Donnie!


Anyone here watches the series "Colony" on USA?

What's amazing about it is how absolutely willing humans are to let alien creatures take over the planet.

Apparently, the collaborators had no qualms about it at all and were working for the alien "Hosts" long before the actual takeover.

People really suck, because it's really probable that they'd roll over and just give in if this shit actually happened.

All the aliens had to do was throw certain people some crumbs and they sold out humanity no problem.

I just put the word out on Twitter.



By the way, I'm up to 26 different FDT tracks.

Well, It's another Black History Month...

Last month was Black History Month and next month is Black History Month as well... Every month is Black History Month, because black history is made every month of the year.

FBI Shuts Down Prominent New ISIS Recruitment Website

January 31, 2017
Technology · Terrorism · Government · Internet

WASHINGTON—Saying the measure would greatly aid efforts to combat the rise of anti-American sentiment online, the FBI announced Tuesday that it had shut down a prominent new ISIS recruitment website, www.whitehouse.gov. “Blocking sites like this one, which spread propaganda in the effort to attract people to ISIS, is vital to winning the war on terror,” said spokesperson Terrence Moreland, adding that the FBI recently became aware of the site after prominent ISIS leaders began posting on social media in support of the online recruitment hub. “While it can be hard to keep up with the number of internet outlets posting Islamic extremist propaganda, ultimately sites like whitehouse.gov are the greatest resource ISIS has to incite terrorism against the U.S. Even though we finally managed to shut it down after a little more than a week, the site was so popular that there’s no telling how many individuals have already been radicalized.” Moreland went on to say that the FBI was also contacting Twitter to request the removal of several prominent accounts known to encourage ISIS recruitment, including @DHSgov, @POTUS, and @realDonaldTrump, but admitted there was only so much it could do to silence such a determined enemy.


Can I copy your homework?

My friend is just another white guy from Texas who understands what Trump never will


My good friend Cody, a white guy from Texas who loves his country music and boots, has an important message that would do the country well if they would read with an open mind and see all of America through his eyes. It would be a beautiful thing.

I was about to check into bed a bit early for a change, before 2:00 AM, when I ran across Cody’s post. The sentiment in his post did not surprise me. After all, he lives it and all of his friends see it and know it. What stood out is how he expressed the rewarding nature of embracing the diversity of cultures. Many of us feel the way he does. But I think his persona and prose conveys it in a manner that could reach many who’s fears are exploited by the likes of our misogynistic, sexist, xenophobic, racist, narcissistic president.

Cody wrote: “I’m just a regular white guy from Texas. I wear boots every day. I listen to classic country music. Alabama is my favorite band and my favorite artist would be a toss up between Garth Brooks and Roy Rogers. People sometimes make fun of my country accent, but it’s fine. Family is important to me. I still live about a mile from the house I grew up in. My best times are sitting on the porch out at the farmhouse my grandfather passed down to us, which he got with the GI Bill after WW2. It’s so peaceful, sitting there with the family, watching the sun go down. It’s something I always look forward to.

I live in a mostly minority area. In fact, I think I may be the only white person in my neighborhood and its great. I have friends of all different races and from all parts of the world. Some of my best friends are from Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Iraq, but I still have other friends from Russia, Iran, and Trinidad. I could not ask for better friends. They make me a better person and I could not imagine going through life without them.

My friend from Iraq is one of the coolest guys I know. He volunteers at an organization that helps refugees transition to American culture. He sometimes has dinner parties at his house. It’s a great time sitting there amazed at stories from parts of the world I have never been to, listening to the hopes, fears, jokes, needs, and desires of people that came from such different backgrounds than I did, but are still just as human. We play games like cards against humanity and it’s sometimes just as inappropriate as when I play it with anyone else. We laugh and we have a good time.


Diary of a Mad President...

We're getting a verse a day of a horror novel that's writing itself.

I'm wary of skipping to the ending.

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