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America With Democrats:

America with Republicans:

Any questions?

Let's not forget that the RNC sent Patricia Smith...

The mother of a Benghazi victim up to speak in front of a national audience.

And in her tearful presentation, she pretty much accused Hillary Clinton of murdering her son. Of course, her loss was just as heartbreaking as the loss of anyone else who has given their life for this country.

However, one key difference between Mrs. Smith's speech and that of Mr. Khizr Khan was that Mr. Khan's head wasn't full of thoroughly discredited partisan rhetoric, designed to smear a political candidate of the other party. Everything that Mr. Khan said was true and was about the basic core of America, about service to America and ultimately, about sacrifice, yet without the pettiness of partisan distortions attached to it.

Frankly, I have no idea which party Mr. Khan votes for in elections. I don't care. Whether, he's registered as a Democrat or a Republican, none of that matters to me, because his speech transcended mere politics.

The sincerity of his words and the truth to power that he spoke to touched the hearts of people in all political spectrums. You can't purchase that, you can't distort that and you can't coach that. With intelligence, grace and honor, you can only live that.

When I watched Mrs. Smith give her speech, the feeling that I had was sadness. Sadness at how this woman was being exploited for mere politics by the Republicans in her time of grief. Grief at her tragic loss. A loss that was being blamed on Hillary Clinton, where the Republicans knew full well, from the summaries of several investigations that they themselves conducted, had proved without a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton did not murder Americans in Libya.

It was shameful, what the Republicans were doing to this poor woman, to say the least. And they showed absolutely no remorse. Even more, they compounded their own disgraceful behavior by presenting others who told the same horrible lies about that tragic night in Benghazi.

What was the point of this? What were the Republicans hoping to gain? After spending years and millions of taxpayer dollars to politicize an attack on American citizens and losing whatever advantage against Hillary Clinton that they had hoped to gain, they intentionally distorted a picture into what they themselves knew which was otherwise untrue. The Republicans, in all of their investigations, never held Hillary Clinton responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi... But they filled this poor, grieving mother's head full of lies and propped her up in front of a national TV audience to unwittingly spread those lies.

Let's not forget that Donald Trump's hands were all over the RNC, not to mention the rest of the party. Republicans have sold their souls to Trump and, of course, they will reap the whirlwind of their folly in November and beyond.

Mr. Khan's plea to Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will go unheeded, of course. They have crossed The Rubicon, as it were, and cannot absolve themselves of their own decision to support the utterly detestable Donald Trump. That's a real shame, because in his second plea to these two, Mr. Khan again sought to transcend politics and speak to a higher calling...

What is best for America, no matter what party you belong to.

This time it's not about Republican and Democrat... It's about basic right and wrong.

Former Donald Trump campaign leader arrested for GOING INSANE WITH AN AXE!

Check this Lizzy Borden wannabe here:

A Former Donald Trump campaign leader and Republican activist from Mississippi has been arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and domestic violence, after she got all boozed up and started swinging around an axe in the garage of a home in the town of Nesbit.

Heather Leigh Fox was arrested by Sheriff Deputies at about 2 a.m. According to the cops, she was “agitated” and she reeked of alcohol at the time of the arrest. Fox’s drunk viking impressions were also recorded on video by the person who called the cops on her.

The story is one that has played out so many times this year. Fox is … or at least was … a member of the DeSoto County Republican Party Executive Committee as well as the state party’s executive committee. She also self-identified on her own personal website as the North Mississippi director of Trump’s campaign.

When the Trump campaign was contacted regarding their wayward helper, they denied that she was currently anything in relation to them, and that she hadn’t worked for the campaign since March.


The jokes write themselves.

Where is your God now?

Here's Le Johnny.

Get on, there's no time to explain...

This is...

My only friend.

I'm not an overly emotional guy...

But when Mr. Khizr Khan pulled out his well worn, personal copy of the United States Constitution and sincerely offered it to Trump to read, I think that someone had started cutting onions behind me.

I'm so glad to be alive to see and hear that.

The key to getting under Trumps's skin is to label him as mediocre.

Play against his oversized ego. Point out his many, many failures. Treat his accomplishments as the garbage they are. Make sure that everyone knows that he'll fail spectacularly if ever put in charge.

He'll do the rest of the work for you.


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