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Venn diagraming your world

Why is Clinton the Only Presidential Candidate Who Isn't Pandering to Anti-Vaxxers?

Uhhh... 'Cause she's freaking SANE?

By Brianna Provenzano July 30, 2016

There is no medical evidence that links the ingredients in vaccines to autism. Period. Full stop.

Though the causes of autism itself remain shrouded in mystery, the belief that vaccinations play a role in its incidence, despite being widespread, is demonstrably false.

But in spite of this, three out of the four people running for president in 2016 — Donald Trump of the Republican party, Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party and Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party — have alluded to the fact that they buy into the bunk science.

Stein, an actual licensed medical doctor, gave an interview to the Washington Post on Friday in which she said that concerns about the role that corporate interests play in pharmaceutical companies' approval of vaccines warranted skepticism about them — language that, the Post notes, is common among the anti-vaxxer crowd.

"As a medical doctor, there was a time where I looked very closely at those issues, and not all those issues were completely resolved," she said. "There were concerns among physicians about what the vaccination schedule meant the toxic substances like mercury, which used to be rampant in vaccines. There were real questions that needed to be addressed. I think some of them at least have been addressed. I don't know if all of them have been addressed."

Johnson, for his part, was openly disavowing mandatory vaccinations on Twitter as recently as 2011.


Anything goes at this point, so why not?

Donald Trump is attacking a Gold Star Mom

He as no honor. And a man without honor should never be president.

That's your straightforward narrative right there.

Actress Constance Wu calls out racist whitewashing for Matt Damon’s ‘Great Wall’

If you’re a fan of “Fresh Off the Boat”—the hit ABC show that, despite the fact that we are living in the year 2016, is unique and groundbreaking because it happens to center on an Asian-American family—you may know Constance Wu as the mom character, Jessica Huang. What you should also know is that Wu is very much not feeling Hollywood’s white savior nonsense, erasure of people of color or indefensible racism. A couple of months ago, in an interview with Vulture, Wu basically took the entire film and television industry to task for the pathetic job it does with representation. Throughout the interview, she offers thoughts that are smart, insightful and totally on-point. Seriously, very worth a read.

More recently, Wu took to Twitter to discuss The Great Wall, a new movie that casts Matt Damon in the lead of a story that takes place during the Northern Song dynasty in China. It’s an absurd and insulting casting choice, and a stellar example of whitewashing. Wu pulled not a single punch in her takedown of the film and the thinking that allows it. It’s pure truth, and she is awesome for saying it.


Unlike Donald Trump...

Mrs. Khan knows full well that quiet dignity speaks more positively about ones own character than spewing blustery nonsense.

Neuroscientist: Donald Trump's meteoric rise can be explained by 4 basic human instincts

'We have the same brain we had 100,000 years ago when we were living on the plains of Africa'

Ashley Lutz, Business Insider 2 hours ago

Donald Trump's ascent from wealthy political outsider to Republican presidential nominee has confounded many Americans, as well as the political establishment.

But a neuroscientist says Trump's popularity can be explained by how he triggers certain emotions — anger, fear, and aggression — in the “fear center,” which is part of the limbic system in people's brains.

“We have the same brain we had 100,000 years ago when we were living on the plains of Africa,” R. Douglas Fields, neuroscientist and author of “Why We Snap,” told Business Insider. “These defensive triggers exist for a good purpose but politicians are pushing on them to motivate people to do what they want.”

Widespread modern fears — of terrorism, war, and gun violence — as well as economic uncertainty make people even more responsive these triggers.

Fields says Trump uses four main human instincts to get people's attention:

1. Being part of a tribe

“Any social animal is dependent on its group and will defend the group,” Fields said. “We live only because we're part of a society.”


#TrumpSacrifices is on FIRE on Twitter right now

‏@AndyBarovick 3m3 minutes ago
#TrumpSacrifices “I’ve worn male Spanx every day of my adult life just to try to look normal.Do you know how constricting those things are?"

‏@HerbertjeJames 7m7 minutes ago
#TrumpSacrifices had to share beautician.

@RegiBrittain 8m8 minutes ago

In the winter of 1846-47, snowbound and starving, Trump was forced to eat his sixth child, Floyd.



Walking on sunshine...

Donald Trump's skin is so thin, that it can slice atoms into nanometrically sized slivers

Donald Trump's skin is so thin, that he can only absorb light in the Cheeto spectrum.

Donald Trump's skin is so thin, that if you stick a pin in him, he'll pop like a ballon.

The ball is in your court, people.
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