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Member since: 2002
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No tequilas, or sombreros or fake moustaches... Today, I play this song:

OK, anyone wondering if GOPr congress creatures are getting congratulatory messages from their fans?

I wonder how many GOPr constituent offices are being inundated with flowers, cards and letters and phone calls telling them that they did good. Twitter feeds full of love, answering machines telling them 'good job." It'll be a love fest for Congress. They might even get an approval rating to the middle part of the single digits for this puppy.

Enjoy that beer, boys and girls. You earned it.

(In the next constituent town hall, everyone should bring up the drinking and singing today... That would be nice to see how their Reps react to that.)

Really, what is the appeal of Republican assholism?

Other than money and bragging rights about how big of a dick the entire Republican Party is, what do these motherfuckers get out of this bullshit?

They must KNOW that they're being dicks and that they're going to cause irreparable harm to the people that they supposedly answer to. So, why do they do shit like this?

Yes, they're incompetent and ill-tempered and pretty fucking stupid, but something like voting to kick 24 million people off of their healthcare is tantamount to pure fucking evil. Yes, they're absolutely being evil now.

And it's not just this vote. The entire party from local government on up have lost all of their god-damned minds. The ridiculous laws and ordinances that GOPr controlled city councils and state legislatures are mind-boggling stupid, racist sexist and harm-inducing.

This country is heading to the worst shape that it could be in in over a century. We're regressing at a rocket's pace.

Yes, there's resistance, but it's still happening. Until it's stopped, America is going to be in a world of hurt for the next generation... Thank's to the evil machinations of the god-damned Republican Party.

Fuck ALL of those assholes and, of course, FDT.

Fuck the Republican Party

And their horses too.

It's time to vote these motherfuckers out of office.


May The Fourth Be With You!

Yay, Republicans!

Always looking for new and horrible ways to fuck over America.

Bring on the death panels!


Throwing white power gang signs at the White House


This is what we've devolved to, people.


No Uber for me...

I downloaded the Uber app once, but never bothered to use the service because I didn't have to.

I only got it because my wife had jury duty and the court offered one free Uber ride to go along with it. Well, for one reason or another, we never bothered to use that ride.

After that, I didn't give it another thought, I'd rather we drive ourselves around.

Recently, there's been quite a few news reports about problems with the service, such as shady business practices and poor treatment of drivers, causing a high turnover.

The other day there was a story about problems with the app itself, almost causing Apple to drop it from its App Store. That was it. I deleted the app myself and had privately pledged to never patronize the service.

I'm making that pledge public right now.

I just read a story about an employee who recently committed suicide, apparently from the stress of working in Uber's toxic work environment. I can't say that I'm surprised that this has happened. My sympathies go out to him and his surviving family members.

I've come to the conclusion that Uber is a bad actor. Not because of its basic premise, but because of the negative and harmful way that the premise is being implemented.

I'm sure that others may not see it the same as I. After all, I've never used Uber and some others may stand by it. So be it.

But I can't abide by it. Not in this day and age.

R.I.P. Joseph Thomas

America Is More Religious Than Other Countries Due To Its Proximity To The Gates Of Hell

I have a feeling that future historians will label this period as "The Great Unraveling."

That is, if we survive this period. The future looks particularly bleak right now and there doesn't seem to be enough general consensus to stop what could be an insurmountable, self-created global crisis from happening.

Especially if Le Pen gets elected in France and then proceeds to help dismantle the EU. That will be one of the biggest nails in this coffin that we're all currently building for Western Civilization. What then, another European war? Why?

War on the Korean Peninsula? Whatever happened to maintaining the peace which allowed the freer nations of the East Asia to prosper? Are we going to throw that all away now?

Trump is going out of his way to withdraw from trade and defense agreements that have shaped our world of the last sixty years. What good will that do for everyone?

If anything, he's turning the United States into a weak, isolated giant that's dying from within, and so few people are willing to notice. The voices who are speaking out about this possibility are being ignored.

There's nothing "great" that he's done so far, except pad his own pockets with our tax dollars. Our greatness had always been based on both the strength of the Middle Class and our prominence as a economic, diplomatic and military superpower. What he's doing is cutting off two legs of that three legged chair in order to make the remaining leg the longest.

It's insanity.

We're turning into a failed state and the world is becoming more disarrayed. All because the corporatists, proto-fascists, nativists and those in the electorate with an authoritarian streak have taken over.

Given what's at stake: The global economy, the environment, nuclear weapons, general sanity... Who knows if we'll make it through to the other end.

I haven't been this concerned about anything before in my entire life.

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