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One in Ten

A most remarkable thing about Trump is the fact that he can't be trusted to fulfill his own promises

And yet, his supporters believe with all their hearts that he'll fulfill whatever conflicting promise that he's made and they've simply cherry-picked the ones they like, while ignoring everything else that he's said. That's to include every case that he's proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

Apparently, he's either come down on every side of any issue and has no other loyalties except to himself. How is that, in any way, a definition for "presidential?"

How does this man have any supporters, who are singularly attached to his so-called fitness for office, at all? Yes, yes, we know that many of the people who are voting for him have no choice but to vote AGAINST Hillary, simply because they hate and fear her. But that doesn't explain why any thinking person thinks that Trump is right, in any form or fashion, to sit in The Oval Office.

That is, of course, we're dealing with the fact that many of his supporters are actually deplorable morons who would all make a bag of hammers seem ingenious by comparison. Basically, these are people that you wouldn't want to piss on even if they were on fire. Fuckers like the Klan and Nazi Party members, or believe that black and brown people represent an existential threat to their own whiteness. Assholes who think that women should die in child birth. Or paranoid dipshits who love their guns more than they do their own children. Not to mention Bible thumpers who think that the American flag should be worshipped as a religious symbol and that the 1st Amendment is merely a conditional endorsement of their own beliefs and no one else's.

Clearly, we're dealing with people who are willfully duped by Trump's blatant mendacity. Sheep being led to the slaughter, were their costumed wolf hero to get elected. People who are so dumb and ignorant that they have absolutely no idea just how dumb and ignorant they actually are. A veritable human petri dish of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

The most promising development in all of this is the fact that Trump with all of his outrageous rhetoric as turned off a major part of the thinking Republican electorate. Those who have actually listened to the things that he's said and they are honestly appalled to the point where it's inconceivable that they'd vote for him in the general election. We're talking about people who have either switched party loyalties only in this particular case and will vote for another candidate, which includes Hillary. Or, we're talking about people who have been demoralized by this election season and will simply sit out and not vote in November.

What we're witnessing here is a process of political distillation, where support for Trump consists of his most rabid of followers. This is good and bad, of course. Good because robs him of the requisite amount of voters to win him the election. And bad because it increases and thereby legitimized fringe elements on the right which would otherwise be ignored had the Republicans gone with a more establishment candidate, instead of the utter fool that they have now. It's not going to stop there, because even in eventual defeat, the process of radicalization will flourish. After all, their hated nemesis, the soon to be Madame President, Hillary Clinton will be actually running America and administering policies that they will fervently oppose. I believe that it will make them more dangerous and radical and not less when she wins.

These are people who are driven by perpetual feelings of victimhood, stemming from the loss of perceived privileges, feelings of hatred and anger, because that primarily motivates how they see the world around them and creeping feelings of paranoia, the font of countless conspiracies aimed at a diabolical Hillary Clinton that only exists in their own heads.

Winning the White House, and possibly getting the Senate back, will only total as an inadequate outcome, considering the extent that a President Clinton would need to accomplish her most important objectives on behalf of all Americans. A divided Congress will persist in hamstringing her term of office. Do-nothingness will go into overdrive in Washington D.C. But the thing that I fear the most is potential of direct action against her person by radicalized individuals or groups. There in lies the ugliest aspect of Trump's candidacy, he's empowering people who have absolutely no respect for the process or the country as whole. Delusional misfits, some armed, who would never hesitate to put a target on Hillary Clinton's back. We re living in times where many people with mental heal and emotional issues are not being treated at all. The lone gunman is now an all to common occurrence. Lasting consequences, that's for sure.

The stuff that makes dangerous times even more dangerous.

If anything, during Hillary's term, we should no hesitate to be even more vigilant than were already are. It's the patriotic and moral thing to do. Much more admirable than worshipping fetuses and guns and fearing all who may simply look different than ourselves.

I'm afraid that I've tested positive...

For pizza!

The sausage and cheese, no protection from all those nuggets.

The Rap Contest

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