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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,233

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Yep, seems legit...

I just got this email:

Dear Apple User,
We unable verify your account informations in order to continue using your Apple.
This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons. (What Apple ID? You mean the one I'm using right fucking now?)
You must unlock your account to continue using your Apple ID. (Yeah right, it's "locked." You are aware that I can't read this fucking piece of shit phishing attempt without my ID, right?)

To read your secure message by opening the attachment (PDF). (Phat chance.)
You will be prompted to open (view) the file or save (download) it to your computer. (Phatter chance.)

For best result, Save the file first, then open it on a web browser.

Your account will be disabled if we didn't receive any response from you in more than twenty four hours (Why wait? DO it now!)

Apple Support

Copyright 2017 Apple Inc. 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, United States.‏ All Rights Reserved.

By the way, the phishing PDF is entitled "Zero-Hour Auto Purge Malware Alert Text.txt"

(Thanks for purge, Hotmail.)

I'm quite sure that a less than tech savvy person could fall for this bullshit, but...

Edit: I just replied "Fuck you." and deleted the email.

Are we all clear on Trump's charade in with that Syrian airfield now?

As if he could be trusted, even being the "Commander-In-Chief." No, he's still Cheetolini Pussygrabber, Putin's Pal.

And I wasn't too enamored with all of the praise that he got for appearing to shoot his wad on Syria. A lot of the people who should have known better, didn't. Now they all look as if they've been played.

They were.

If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times: Trust Trump at your own peril.


Hmmm, Trump really seemed to be in a rush to launch Tomahawks...

Especially, when he's having this Russia cloud over his head AND while he's having talks with the Chinese President, with whom he has concerns over North Korea, a country that he's just threatened unilateral military action against.

This is getting curiouser and curiouser.


The GOPrs choked and couldn't score...

Now they're going to move the goalposts.

This going to make 2018 more important than ever.

Dear Trump Supporters: Is America Great Again Yet?

I've been hearing that you guys are still a little grumpy and not too terribly elated these days.

Why so glum?

Frankly, I have no idea why you're not happier people and have moved on to the fact that your boy, Trump, is sitting in the White House right now. I've got to tell you, you've got me concerned, brother and sister. This should be the greatest time of your lives: Trump is president and he's going to finally set everything straight, just like Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly said he would. You should be focused on how wonderful things are going to be, rather than dwelling on the past.

YEAH! Trump won... Whoopee! Let's party.

Who cares about Obama these days? He's not your problem anymore. So what? He ran away to Tahiti? Have you ever been to Tahiti? It's a dump. I'm sure that he's having a terrible time there.

Besides, I'm sure that you're anticipating the fact that Trump will send in Seal Team Six to bring him back from Tahiti, so he can face justice for his many crimes and start sitting in federal prison, right next to where Bill and Hillary are right now. How's that for irony, eh?

Can I get a "LOCK HER UP?"

You should be jumping for joy at the fact that Trump has worked quite diligently since he's been in office, instead of hitting the golf course all of the time. His work ethic is tremendous, you can tell by how great of a shape he's in, even if that shape is round.

And he's kicking ass overseas, just like he said he would. Just look at the fact that he personally sent his own son-in-law to Iraq to teach the generals a thing or two. ISIS should be done for in no time flat. You better look out North Koreans, you're next!

Aren't you happy that he's putting the finishing touches on that beautiful southern border wall that Mexico was all too happy the pay for? Don't you like the way that it sparkles in the sun? So nice and shiny. Hey though, if you've found that your own property was bisected and some of it has ended up in Mexico, that's alright. Just point that out to The Donald, I'm sure that he'll make it all right

How about the fact that Trump should have all of the illegal aliens kicked out of the country by this time next week? Think about all of the jobs that they have taken away from hard working Americans that will be freed up soon, especially in construction, agriculture, domestic work, food services and landscaping.

Speaking of jobs, isn't it great the coal miners are all back to work now? All Trump had to do was repeal Obama's clean air and clean water efforts and, voila, instant coal mining jobs. It's like magic.

Oh yeah, and how about Trump's wonderful Muslim travel ban? Almost forgot about that. Hey, it worked so great the first time that he signed it again. That's real dedication.

And what about his greatest accomplishment of repealing and replacing Obama care? Who needed all of that pesky socialist health insurance, right? After all, you've still got your Medicare card.

Besides, how's he going to lose? The whole country is firmly being him, right? All the polls clearly show what a great job he's doing so far. Look at how he's bringing the country together, so much so that, there's plenty of talk of amending The Constitution in order to let him serve more than two terms. (Consecutively, not concurrently.)

You all have got it made right now. Enjoy yourself!

PS: Don't worry about all of that Russian business with Trump and his people, I'm sure that there's nothing to it.

Time to get our filibuster on!

Yeah boyeee!


As much as Trump's a lying, crooked, narcissistic POS...

Don't expect the die hard Trumpanzees to hold any of that against him. AS a matter of fact, they admire his lies, his corruption, even his incompetence and his utter unfitness to be President.

They're going to happily accept all of that in him, but only for as long as their delusions persist that he's not fucking them over. If they believe that he's only negatively impacting the people that they don't like, they'll support him.

But when they only realize that they're in this leaking boat with the rest of us, they'll turn on him, or will at the very least, become temporarily disappointed in him. We're dealing with some dim bulbs here... If the light ever comes on, it won't be that bright.

So, some things to consider:

- They're not very compassionate. They couldn't care less about us, even when they realize that he's screwing them over as well. They're rather insult us than find common ground. One other thing: The negative characterization that they have of us is more real to them than reality itself. If they don't know who we are, they'll just make something up and attack that.

- They're selectively observant. They depend mostly on confirmation bias in order to get informed. Since the right wing has a vast amount of disinformation sources from which they're brainwashed to form their opinions, don't expect them to see it right away when Trump hoses them. Those sources will use plenty of deflection in order to keep them from seeing it.

- They're angry. They don't even know why they're angry. They just are and it really hurts their brains to ponder why. Instead, they'd rather lash out at their perceived enemies and disregard the fact that it isn't doing them any favors.

- They hate answering simple and obvious questions like, "Do you believe that Donald Trump lies?" They're much too busy focusing on targets that they hate, especially ones who've been identified in RWNJ media, than they are of the people they're supposed to support.

- They support Trump because they've been told to support him by the RWNJ. This is clear as day because, they all project like an IMAX projector. When they tell us that we support the people that we support, ONLY because we've been TOLD to support them, they're projecting their own thinking processes onto us. It's easier to do that for them than it is to research Trump, find good things about him and back him because of them. Instead, they just point to his facade of being some rich, successful businessman and then jump on that bandwagon.

- It's quite clear that they have very little understanding of the function of government, the press and civil society. That's not their fault, it's everyone's fault unfortunately. I don't know how we can fix that.

There's some more, but all in all, these are some really horrible people. True assholes.

Now the real deal is separating the unredeemable assholes from people who were merely misguided when they voted for Trump. I really have no idea how to quantify their numbers from the percentage of complete assholes. But I will say that there are a LOT of assholes.

The misguided ones won't resort to instant assholism right away, but will resort to it if they feel as if they're being attacked. Since it's all about feelings for them, many will react as if they're being attacked, even when they aren't. The assholes will revert to a defensive mode right off the bat. After all, they have all of these delusions in their head and they'll simply believe that you're one of their bogeymen.

Some of my ways to get around that:

- I don't give a fuck about their insults. They don't resemble me. so I don't care.

- Ask questions. The simpler, the better. We're not dealing with Einsteins here.

- They all hate to read large paragraphs. So when I want them to go away, I give them a wall of words. When they get repeatedly walls of words, they eventually get the message and go away.

- If you're on a site that allows you to block trolls, block them. Alert on them, if you can as well.

- Don't try to convince them of anything, because it won't work.

- But last, but not least, SUGGEST to them that Trump will eventually fuck them over. One example to use is the fact that students of his "University" trusted him to teach them real estate and he fucked them over. Hence, a $25 million settlement that he owes them now. Also point out that he has stiffed working men and women over contracting work that they have done for him. Basically, everyone who has put their trust in him has gotten fucked over BY him.

One thing that you can do with that information is to rhetorically ask them why they think that they're any different. Just leave them with that one thought.

You're not going to win any arguments with them. But then, it's early enough right now where they can start looking for the point where they should change their minds.

This is an incomplete list and it's all I have for now. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate them.


Like all other wingers, Pence's dining abstinence rule is all about his own dick...

He's clearly concerned about contracting Winger Wandering PeePee Syndrome, especially while helping to destroy America in that Loose Jezebel infested Sodom and Gomorrah known as Washington D.C.

Pence's outrageously sexist discrimination against the opposite gender is problematic on two separate conditions:

One: As an elected public official, he's most likely breaking Federal statutes against gender discrimination.

But Two: As an ostensibly straight male, his guideline is singularly based on his own attraction to women.

Think about this for a moment. What kind of mindset are we dealing with here? For one, he would have a lot in common with men who force women to wear burkas, men who blame women for being raped because of what they're wearing and pretty much most of the male characters in "A Handmaid's Tale."

If Pence were hypothetically gay (go ahead and laugh) and said that he wouldn't dine alone with other men, that behavior would still based on his own ideas about who he's sexually attracted to. Either way, none of it would be in consideration of the other person.

Let's also consider that, either way, he's not even regarding the likelihood that those singular men or women diners wouldn't be sexually attracted to his regression enhanced replicant ass. It's all about him.

Pence just basically outed his own sick mindset with this bullshit. As if we didn't know that about him before.

He's one scary motherfucker... Gawd help us is he replaces Cheetolini.


Let's say Flynn drops the hammer on Cheetolini

He needs a smoking gun in order to corroborate his testimony, otherwise we're just dealing with hearsay.

I wonder if Flynn has something tangible to offer.


April Fools Day is coming

What are we gonna do? Take fake Russian names?

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