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I was just wondering what classic dystopian nightmare scenario that we're all going to face soon

I've come to the conclusion that it's going to all of them.

It was fun while it lasted.


Now that Ivanka is getting a fancy new D.C. crib

A place with all the bells and whistles needed for some off the politically beaten path low key confabs and powwows with high profile people, I'm quite sure that making a note of who goes in and out of that mansion should make for really juicy copy.

Hopefully some eager beaver reporters will see this new Trump auxiliary headquarters for what it is: Corruption Central. Connect the dots to conflicts of interest in the new administration. We have a privately owned nexus of Trump's business affairs, right in the belly of the beast for anyone to take notice of.

Insider trading, bribes, wheeler dealer government contracts... The sky's the limit.

If I were an editor, I'd hire some well worn paparazzi types to keep track of Trump's well heeled spawn. Pictures, we need lots of pictures, especially of license plates. Remember that diplomatic plates have country codes, keep a code list handy.

And what do you think they'll find? Grift and graft, everybody. Grift and graft.

The scam is afoot.

Tally ho!!!


Ear worm time


The day is coming...


They smell like they sound...

They’re on the hunt. They’re after you.


America hates Progressives...

Or at least much of us have been brainwashed into thinking that we hate progressives. Especially in white, rural America, which depends on progressive policies more than anyone else does to survive. But hating on progressives is part and parcel of our national cognitive dissonance and our favorite political past time.

Until these GOPer voting morons lose their political clout and allow the saner parts of America to lead the way, we can write off putting another progressive in the White House for a very long time. First we have to overcome the gerrymandering and voter suppression, the ability of the ultra wealthy to buy elections and then we're going to have ignore all the right wing propaganda bullshit.

I figure that you'd have to catch your breath by now, so I'll give you a second...

Anyway, this will not be an easy task at all. And that's even when we're working with fine, competent, highly qualified Democratic candidates. But how do you beat a party that promotes incompetency as a selling point to people who are too ignorant to differentiate their own asses from holes in the ground?

The dumbing down of America has had serious consequences and we're reaping the whirlwind of the Idiocracy.

They claim that government doesn't work, then they put incompetent people into government with the express intention of making it fail. Trump is doing that right now. His best expectations, even on the right, are to fail. For the wingers, anything better than a total collapsed government will be classified as a "success." Me, I'm going to be happy if I don't have to out run giant, glow-in-dark cockroaches any time in the next four years.

It's madness.

Frankly, as someone who's 55 myself, I'm not holding out for a major political change during my lifetime. The fucking GOPers have a vise grip hold on our entire political infrastructure, and they're not coming out of it with anything less than a full blown revolution... Or blow torches... Maybe even both.

So, I'm depending on you young people to fix this here shit, if you still can. I wish that I could be there to help you out. Hopefully I'll still be around, if we're lucky.



I used to think that "The Running Man" was a fantasy...

Now, I'm not so sure.


I just found out that I'm three degrees of separation away from Tricky Dick...

As if I needed anymore bad news.

Me and Billy Dee Williams:

Billy Dee and Carrie Fisher:

Carrie Fisher and His High Trickiness:

But it turns out that she was an unwilling participant:

I'm sure that she put those acting skills to use.


I'm not expecting this to change all that much...

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