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Member since: 2002
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DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak

Isn't it remarkable that Donald Trump's surrogates never want to talk about Donald Trump?

They all evade direct and even yes or no questions regarding Trump's proposals and statements by pivoting toward completely unrelated smears against Hillary Clinton.

It's all deflection with these people, all of the time.

Of course, it starts at the top, Trump never answers direct questions either.

It makes him look guilty every time he opens his mouth. The debates are going to look wild.

I cleared my throat in public ten years ago

It's a miracle that I'm alive to talk about it today.

Bullet, dodged.

It's really puzzling to see white wingers obsess over their perceived problems with black people

They insist on addressing non-existent issues like "black on black crime" and the destruction of American cities by Democratic politicans, and whenever their rationales are proven to be false they simply ignore all facts and double down on their own bullshit.

And that's just part of it.

In general, they really get apoplectic when you hold your ground against them with facts. The real world, which rarely comports to the RWNJ bubble in which THEY live, seems to anger them to no end. Just look at all of the vile and ugly beliefs in which they adopt, the racism, homophobia, misogyny, proto-fascism and hatred of outsiders that consumes their own world. Opposing all of it represents an existential threat to them.

When that's all they choose to promote, it's not that hard to see just how horrible right wingers truly are. They're the epitome of the tyranny of white supremacy, sexism and homophobic beliefs. It's a curse on all of us.

"I believe I can fly..."

Seems legit...

This coming election is a litmus test for America...

We can either elect Trump and confirm that America is truly a failed state by handing it over to a proven con man, white supremacist and profligate liar, basically endorsing every negative aspect of American ideology, or we can elect Hillary Clinton and tell the misogynists, racists, fetus worshippers, gun nuts, isolationists, cop-suckers and right wing nut jobs to go fuck themselves.

The choice is yours.

We don't have a Taco truck invasion here in Michigan

But I'd love to see one. I'd love to see a shoarma truck invasion as well and bring a spicy noodle truck invasion with it.

I really feel like I'm missing out. Thanks, DU.

The double standard in crystalline clarity

Clinton is overly scrutinized for her political works, rarely given credit for her record of public service, steadiness, experience and stateswomanship, while the dilettante Trump is praised for his bluster, hardly ever called on his outrageously untenable proposals and is labeled "presidential" simply because he avoided having an apoplectic episode in public.

Yet somehow, it's Clinton who supposedly has the trustworthiness deficit?

It only goes to show how utterly broken our political system is, under a biased and feckless press. As long as it remains that way don't expect our electoral system to improve and our electorate to become properly informed.

Oh, Canada!

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