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Small Town Values

Too fabulous for you!

As I was listening to the local RWNJ radio station in the truck today, a guy called Dennis Praeger

Praeger, as you all know is an insufferable asshole with delusions of grandeur, who thinks that Donald Trump is the second coming of Reagan.

One of his winger callers got fed up with his Trump proselytizing and told his ass that there's no way on God green's Earth that he would vote for a crook like Trump. He was pissed that Trump beat the only TRUE CONSERVATIVE in the primary, Ted fucking Cruz and that he's going to write Cruz's name on his November ballot.

Praeger, of course, was not happy with the angry caller guy and pretty much said that it's going to be because of people like him who are going to allow the "leftists" to win. His continuous bleating about how "bad" leftists are really makes him sound like a bore, but it's obvious that not everyone is buying his cheerleading for The Donald.

The nut jobs are restless, everybody. This has to be the most disaffecting and disaffected Republican electorate I've seen in a lifetime. The despair for them is palpable. But it's obvious that we just can't allow on only that to win in November. Praeger himself said earlier in that show that Democrats are really not all that enthusiastic about a Hillary candidacy. Seeing how just about everything he says has no semblance to reality, I know that Democrats are very hyped about putting Hill in the White House. The press won't report it and it's not like we're going to see and hear the same enthusiasm whenever they purposefully seek out disaffected lefties... That's their agenda, a horse race.

Sure it's in the bag, but that should NEVER stop us from getting out the vote. Let's not get cocky, let's stay hungry.

Wingers are too otherwise scared to admit that they're going to lose and lose big time and that's there's nothing that they can do about it. The key this this is the feeling that they don't have any real options. On one hand, a complete charlatan has destroyed all that's good about their own party, by catering to bigotry and destroying all political legitimacy of the Republican Party. Frankly, the wingers did that to themselves. As far as I'm concerned, Trump is merely the result of the Republicans' own failures, not a cause of it. But from every conceivable perspective, it's about as bad for them as it can get.

Republicans are in the greatest no-win situation ever seen in the political history of this country. If they lose to Hillary Clinton, someone for whom they have nothing but contempt... That's going to be a disaster for their chances of winning the White House again in quite a few of their lifetimes. But in spite of that, they'll recover from that setback and persist as an opposition party, with little, if any, responsibilities to govern. However, if they win and inserts a highly unstable and completely unqualified madman in charge of the nation's business, the results for not only the nation, but the Republicans' prospects as a political party will be nothing less than catastrophic. Their will be nothing to prevent them for being blamed for the destruction of all the good work that has occurred under's President Obama's two terms. Trump might as well have cut America's throat to leave the country lie bleeding in the street.

Although a lot of wingers are loathe to admit it, they are quite aware of the horror that will sure occur under a Trump administration. All in all, they're left no real choices at all, other than their pride or their lives. Choose well.

The more ridiculous they sound, the more it is a sign of their desperation. When a RWNJ talking head like Dennis fucking Praeger spends his time projecting every negative aspect of his own chosen candidate, the lying, the crooked behavior, the racism, etc. onto Hillary Clinton, it's a huge sign that they actually know what the problem is, but they're utterly incapable of voicing the fact that they're screwed.

I can't wait to see what they're going to say after the debates... It's going to be epic.

Happy Birthday, Walter Koenig!

If I had to choose between a basket of Trump supporters and a basket of pit bulls...

I'm going with the pit bulls every single time.

Yesterday, I intentionally missed all of the ceremonies on TV

Didn't watch a damned minute of it on the cable news shows.

I even made sure that I was doing something durning most of the National Anthem before the football games.

The last thing that I needed was to be reminded of what happened to places that I've been to on that day (7 1/2 years working in the Pentagon and multiple trips to the WTC during NYC day tours).

All the subsequent war and strife that came afterwards can't be washed away by selfishly sentimentalizing it.

Considering the fact that our broken press had to sensationalize a simple overheating episode, I'm glad that I did miss it.

Cat Gotcha Tongue?

Gotcha back!

Mission REALLY Accomplished!

I like big butts and I can not lie

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