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"Lotion. It better put it on, or else."

Ford Motor Company disputes Trump, declaring that they're bringing back the Bronco and the Ranger...

And they're going to build them right here in the State of Michigan and the CEO of GM is endorsing a Democrat for the very first time, instead of a Republican.

Well, alright MOPAR, the ball is in your court now.

What are you going to do with it?

"Don't leave me. I love you."

Get Out's Trailer Is Making White People Mad...

Get Out's Trailer Is Making White People Mad: Here's 5 Real Racist Incidents In History Worthy Of Anger

The thriller and horror genre has pretty much been drained of all originality. However, Get Out strikes out to bring a new twist to the genre; we are calling this ‘Racism Horror”. Get Out is about an interracial couple going to ‘meet the parents’ for the first time. However, the Black boyfriend is confronted with more than just some ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” level of racial tensions. He becomes trapped in a town that seemingly has a more sinister agenda towards young black men. The film is directed by Jordan Peele from the Key and Peele show.

This week some White people were already ‘mad’ about Luke Cage supposedly being ‘racist’: Here’s our reply to them:

With that said, there has been even more shock and social media outrage by a section of the white community and probably a minority of Black people who do not ‘get’ the trailer either. Namely, both of those whom are not or choose not to be aware of the history of racism in America. Yet, there are also some who are aware of the somewhat sensational point this horror film is making. Watch the trailer so you can gauge where their outrage or misunderstanding may have been born from.

The trailer ends with a one-liner that will no doubt be filling meme across the internet before and after people are glued to their seats fearfully watching this thriller


Halloween is coming #9

Halloween is coming #8

Halloween is coming #7

VP candidates have been traditionally the attack dogs...

Biting opponents where it hurts. It's not their job to be nice guys, it's their job to be tireless advocates for the person at the top of the ticket. When you're on the attack, the entire point is to take your opponent out of his or her comfort zone. Last night, Tim Kaine conducted a master class of this debate technique.

Tim Kaine repeatedly cornered Pence into a position of having to defend Trump's statements. Pence, on the other hand, either distanced himself from his running mate or half-heartened stood with him and Kaine summed up his performance as lacking. This was obviously planned and it worked to a T.

Those who compared Kaine's constant interruptions of Pence to Trump's interruptions of Hillary Clinton fail, if they leave out the goal of each in the two debates. Trump had no plan, no objective to point out and no other reason to interrupt than to draw attention to himself. Kaine's technique was organized and purposefully divided the Trump/Pence ticket.

Unlike Kaine and Clinton, which both speak with one voice on policy, their opponents could not have gone farther apart from each other by last night. Seeing this, the only result is another win for the Clinton/Kaine ticket. Because, after watching last night's debate, the only honest question to ask is, "What does Trump and Pence stand for?" And with a month to go before election day, that's the worst place that the Trump/Pence ticket should be in.

That whole "paid leave" bennie is something, ain't it?

He obviously lives on a different planet, apart from the rest of us mere mortals...

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