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Halloween Is Coming #15

Halloween Is Coming #14

Halloween Is Coming #13

Halloween Is Coming #12

AND the clock is now officially ticking for Tillerson

So, let's do a Tillerson Career Dead Pool. Rules are simple, pick a date on the calendar, if he resigns or is fired on your date of choice, you win this fabulous NO PRIZE:

One date to a customer, first come, first served, all expenses non-refundable.

Let's have some fun.

I'm locking in my B-day, Oct 27!

White Fragility Leads to White Violence: Why Conversations About Race With White People Fall Apart

Monique Judge
1/15/17 3:30pm

Why do conversations about race fall apart when we have them with white people?

I have been thinking about this for the last few weeks, ever since I attempted to speak with Grey’s Anatomy actress Ellen Pompeo about it on Twitter. As with many conversations I’ve had on race with white people, that one quickly devolved from an exchange of ideas into me being accused of being a racist who was attacking her. She tweeted those accusations to her more than 1 million followers, and as I type this three weeks later, people are still responding to my tweets, agreeing with her and attacking me in the process.

It’s not so much you using the black emojis as it is your response to people who expressed concern about it, @EllenPompeo

— Monique Judge (@thejournalista) December 24, 2016


These two incidents and the many others I witness on Twitter every single day lead me to conclude that the reason conversations about race with white people fail is that white fragility leads to white violence, and not even other white people are immune to it.


If anything, Paddock's murder spree was completely predictable.

I really have no idea how this country will withstand a prez who behaves like a toddler...

Who displays satisfaction with himself every time he fills his own diaper. And consider that this is coming from a man who has lived a seven decades long life of privilege. He's been praised his entire life for being mediocre. He doesn't understand the meaning of adversity and cannot relate well to the lives of people unlike himself. He chooses to lie and promote himself as an agent of chaos.

He's pretty much the worst person ever to get elected President... With or without Russian interference.

Trump's ignorance and laziness, his pathologically regressed emotional maturity and his utter lack of impulse control, not to mention his complete inability and unwillingness to have any sympathy for others speaks volumes about his unfitness to serve as Chief Executive.

How do you cope with a president who only regards whatever that's happening in the both the world and the nation in terms of how it makes HIM look, how HE's affected by it, what HIS personal interests are above all others? He's nothing more than a giant, tangerine-hued sponge for excessive praise. And when he doesn't receive excessive praise, even for the work of other people, he's offended. He sees all criticism of himself as a personal affront and a trigger for vicious retaliation. His sheer lack of focus is mind-boggling. Let's not forget that he speaks in behalf of the Federal Government and its vast scope of responsibility. He's way more than a distraction, he's an existential threat to our republic... Remember our republic, Republicans?

His singular campaign to have others praise him speaks to two unavoidable points:

One - His own degree of insecurity is completely and utterly insatiable.

Two - The campaign to exalt Trump yields an unacceptable drain and diversion of too many of our valuable national priorities.

How will anyone expect to get anything done at all, if all we're doing kissing his bloated ass? Remember, he can do no wrong. He never makes mistakes. Regardless of every reason why it's inadvisable, we need to give him a chance. He clearly is a white supremacist and has promoted racism, both personal and institutional at every turn.

This entire political and social nightmare that we're undergoing right now with Trump at the helm is a litmus test... One that's we've failed so far. He should have never been considered a legitimate candidate for public office, he should have never received the nomination of a major party and he should have never been elected to the highest office of the most powerful country on the planet.

He represents our collective national failure, one that we're refusing to correct, in spite of all the stakes.

Right now, I'm questioning our potential to survive this entire slow moving train wreck. For the first time in recent memory, we've lost our ability to save ourselves, to prosper and to work for a better future for all. It's all being drained away from us, into that massive, bottomless, gaping maw known as Donald J. Trump.

May your deity of choice, if any, help us all.


Las Vegas Is Only the Deadliest Shooting in US History Because They Dont Count Black Lives

Michael Harriot
Today 2:52pm

News reporters and anchors have repeatedly referred to the recent tragedy in Las Vegas as the “worst mass shooting in U.S. history.” Like all things that are constantly repeated, the proclamation has become fact.

In 2013 a report by the Congressional Research Service defined a public mass shooting (pdf) this way:

incidents occurring in relatively public places, involving four or more deaths—not including the shooter(s)—and gunmen who select victims somewhat indiscriminately. The violence in these cases is not a means to an end such as robbery or terrorism.
So, according to that broad definition, we wondered: Is 64-year-old Stephen Paddock the worst mass shooter in the long history of America? Does the Las Vegas incident qualify as the “deadliest” mass-shooting incident?

Only if you don’t count black people.

On Monday, The Root 100 honoree and data scientist Samuel Sinyangwe tweeted this:


He is right. The nearsightedness of America’s historical vision is not only hyperbolic, but that vision often has a blind spot when it comes to people of color. There are countless incidents in which black and brown people were killed in incidents far worse than what happened in Vegas.


Why We Never Talk About Black-on-Black Crime: An Answer to White Americas Most Pressing Question

Michael Harriot
Today 10:00am

You’ve heard it before. It is the most frequent response to any accusation of police brutality. It is the repeated sleight of hand used to distract and drown out the voices of Black Lives Matter. It is an oft-used “alt-right” refrain and a sincere query from curious white questioners. It is the weapon of choice for the black practitioners of respectability politics and the favorite follow-up for people who frame their arguments with the preamble, “Not all white people ... ”

Why don’t black people ever talk about black-on-black crime?

Instead of rejecting the entire notion as a method of deflection and privilege, we will attempt to formally dismiss the conversation forever by laying out the facts about why white America never hears us talk about black-on-black crime.

It’s not a thing.


Las Vegas teaches us again that the PRICE of having an over-abundance of gun violence in America...

Is having an over-abundance of gun violence in America.

That's the "freedom" that the gun nuts are always defending.
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