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Member since: 2002
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Halloween Is Coming #24

Halloween Is Coming #23

Halloween Is Coming #22

Does anyone out there have any fucks to spare?

Ever since the fucks factory burned down and the Fucks Depot went out of business, I've been all out of them.


Hey, there it is:

Thanks, Mr. Krabs!

Hey, girl...

Tillerson reportedly calls Trump a Fucking moron. What was the trigger then?

Was it over North Korea and Trump’s threat that we’d forego any diplomatic solutions to the crisis and unilaterally launch an attack?

Now there’s a rumor that John Kelly will resign. Seeing that he knows exactly what would happen if we initiated a war on the Korean Peninsula, I’m sure that he wouldn’t want any part of such a debacle.

With the investigation against Trump turning up the heat, he seems to be searching for distractions: NFL players, Iran, Muslim ban, anti-immigrant policies, pardoning Arpaio... Wouldn’t starting a major foreign war be the ultimate distraction?

Now is intimating that now is the “calm before the storm.” What does that mean?

We know that he seeks approval by trying to appear as if he has inside knowledge that others don’t have. He’s notorious for blabbing secrets. He’s being intentionally cryptic here.

It’s not one his lies. When he lies, he’s usually blatant about them. So, what is he up to? I think that now is a good time to consider some worse case scenarios.

I don’t like how this big picture is shaping up.


Have you've ever asked yourself...

What would Bob McAdoo?

Try not to be afraid of the answer.

Maybe this time it'll be different...

A Man Of All Insult Tweets Which Eventually End Up Being About Himself

Halloween Is Coming #21

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