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Get to work...


Halloween is coming #10

Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 18/10/16

Jesse Williams: “We know that police somehow manage to de-escalate, disarm and not kill white people everyday.”

Kody Konzal of West Bend facing attempted homicide charges

Author: Judy Steffes |Oct 17 2016 Posted In Washington County, West Bend

Kody Konzal will appear Oct. 26 at 2:45 p.m. for a hearing before Judge James Muehlbauer in Washington County Court.

Konzal is the 24 year old taken into custody by West Bend Police on Sunday following a nearly 4-hour standoff where he allegedly fired six shots and pointed a handgun in the direction of police officers and pulled the trigger.

WashingtonCountyInsider.com was the first to bring a full report on the incident as it happened.

Konzal is expected to face charges of on two counts of Attempted Homicide and Intoxicated Use of Firearms.


Kudos to PEACENIKKI for hipping me onto this one! Thanks!

Obama Destroys America...

By "destroys" meaning that helped the country recover from GOPr malfeasance and incompetence and despite the fact that he had to do it all alone.

The ridiculousness on FOX News never ends...

Channel surfing, I can across Fox & Friends Jr., where they had a story of Tyson Gay's daughter dying in gunfire. Of course, they made sure to flash some mugshots of the scary black suspects. But it was the story that they segued to which highlights their blatant agenda.

Without any sense of irony at all, they went straight to a recap of the Niners/Bills game, paying special attention to the fact that the Colin Kaepernick was constantly and loudly booed by the mob in the stands and especially during the National Anthem, while a white cop was saluting behind the three black kneeling players. The actual gameplay and score was an afterthought, of course.

Did I mention that they conveniently neglected to point out that the kneeling was done in the protest of black lives being lost? Yes, they did.

Everything was there: Taking things out of context, scary black people, an ideological reinforcement of white goodness and black badness through juxtaposition and of course, the jingoism, distortions and half-truths. Most FOX watchers are scared white people, brimming with feelings of anti-black bias, as well as a lingering feeling of resentment and anger against just about everything and the completely inability to understand and explain what makes them angry in the first place. So, let's trigger than anger and fear with the right imagery, shall we?

In just those few moments, it's quite clear that viewers of FOX come away from it more uninformed than people who watch no news at all. Because they're NOT a news outlet, they're nothing more than a propaganda mill. And, in spite of the departure of Roger Ailes, they're not going to change any time soon.

"WomenForTrump" BlacksForTrump," my ass

Survival Guide...

I just did a quick run through of various election related RWNJ sites and blogs....

It's not pretty out there, of course. As a matter of fact, it's downright disgusting. I need a shower.

However, the thing that I have noticed the most was that the outrageous, angry and delusional rhetoric has been ratcheted upwards to ludicrous speed. They're all losing their fucking minds right now, ladies and gents. Tons of out of this world conspiracies to explain why they're going to lose the election abound, not to mention the fact that they're tuned out reality completely.

About the polls, the common retort is a reiteration of Limpbags to "ignore the polls." A completely head-in-the-sand reaction. Also, they're going full tilt on attacking The Big Dawg, without any realization that he's not running for president and that all the prior accusations against him have been adjudicated and resolved. Add all of the pointless smears against Hill, and what you've got is a nothing more than an echo chamber that will never resonate with the majority of people who live outside of it. They're perfectly free to immerse themselves in this sea of lies, it's just that the thing that really sets them off is the utter refusal of others to drown themselves in that murky deep along with them.

They'll scream and cry and post baseless propaganda, for what, I have no idea. On Twitter, I've taken the measure to block all of those assholes who tweet their anti-Hill, pro-Cheeto Jezzus bullshit to me. That has worked out just fine. My feed is thoroughly anti-Hill, pro-Cheeto Jezzus free.

Also, they've attached themselves to the irrelevant Jill Stein and her utterly apoplectic nonsense about Hill. She's becoming more of an option for people who have suddenly found themselves not wanting to vote for Trump than she is for people who had singularly supported Bernie. The best thing about that is the fact that she'll have no influence on the outcome of the election. More and more people on the left are getting firmly behind Hill and we can thank the last two weeks of Trump's revealed reprehensible behavior for that. At least he's good for something. Also, the leadership on our side, including Bern, is standing behind Hill. We're all presenting and unite front, while all they're doing is falling apart at the seams.

Also, much of the so-called minority and women's support for Trump is nothing more than an astroturfed facade. Paid political operatives, RWNJ trolls and the such. "Blacks for Trump" is basically a propaganda effort by a combination of a smattering of so-called "black conservatives" (i.e., "Project 21," the black face on the white, wing think tank, The NCPPR http://www.rightwingwatch.org/organizations/project-21/) who operate by putting a black face on white supremacy and the white RWNJ's that they answer to, all to scam people into thinking that Trump isn't a racist asshole. There is no grass roots organization in the black community who comprises "BFT," and no one is getting fooled by these people unless they want to be fooled. One clue is the fact that ALL of the signs are manufactured by the same people.

One thing is clear, since Trump declared his war against the GOPr Partay, many of his followers have left the funny far with him. The right is deeply fractured, everyone. When Trump goes down the tubes, he just may take the entire party with him. The Midterms ought to be very interesting, as I expect that all of the GOPr pols who chose not to endorse Trumpolini will find themselves primaried from Right Wing Nut-Jobbia. IF anything, this will present an excellent opportunity to take the House back in two years. It all depends on how irrational the voter base in these districts are, the efforts of the Dem party to get out the vote and support good candidates and the vulnerability of the incumbents to a primary.

This country is deeply polarized politically... Much of this is because of the fact that so little of the electorate actually votes. In order to help reduce the level of frustration and resentment against government in general, it's imperative to raise the voter participation level, end gerrymandering and reverse the influence of big money and corporate lobbyists.

This utter irrationality is the result of misinformation, propaganda and disaffection in the population. It's also very prevalent in white, rural circles, people who have been sold a lie that the centering of their own whiteness is crucial for the survival of America. When you hear these motherfuckers say things like "Take America back" and "Make America Great Again," they're simply indicating their belief of their own whiteness as being centrally focused as an "American" identity. It fuels the nativism and racism that's seen in much of white America. It also exacerbates the level of patriarchy and is complimented by the Right Wing's penchant for authoritarianism. Lately, we're seeing this asinine "Repeal the 19th" meme, which is pure social and intellectual regression.

The cure is democracy and civil participation for ALL citizens.

The thing is that Hillary is going to win in November, but in spite of this, it's only the least that can be done. Much more is required, much more for all of us to do.

Trump, on his way to a rally...

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