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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 68,465

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Another example of why Trumpanzees are fucking morons, just because...

You can't fix stupid.

The letter accusing a black woman to being "too black" to work in a daycare ctr isn't unprecedented

It's pretty common in everyday corporate America:

This kind of thing starts early, when school dress code prohibit black hair styles.

Simply existing as a black person becomes offensive to a nation defined by the terms of white supremacy.

White guys can do this kind of shit and no one will pay attention to it until it's too late...

10 Simple and Subtle and Easy Things I Do Every Day to Fight White Supremacy

Damon Young
Yesterday 5:06pm

White supremacy is like a wave at sea crashing into a beach—an unstoppable and transformative force, shifting sand, ferrying debris and constructing America’s topographical landscape. This is why, sometimes, you have to do what I used to do when at the wave pool as a kid, when I’d wait for the waves to come in, and then I’d punch the shit out of the waves. Sure, it never really made a huge difference, but sometimes when you see a wave, you gotta be like, “Hey, wave. Fuck you!” Same with white supremacy.

Maybe some of the things I do don’t move the needle much. But at least it’s my needle. (I know that didn’t make any sense, but stay with me.)

1. I root for everyone black.

Issa Rae’s comment during the Emmys has been my personal edict for the last three decades. I could be watching two squirrels race up a tree, but if one squirrel is darker than the other, you best believe I’m pulling for that nigga squirrel.

2. I tip black service people more.

I actually overtip as a general rule. If the service is just OK, you’re gonna get 20 percent from me. If good, 25 percent. With black service people, however, those numbers jump to 30 and 35. Because reparations.

3. If getting a slice of pizza and applying extra Parmesan cheese to it from a Parmesan-cheese shaker, I take the lid off the parm instead of just shaking the parm on the pizza with the lid still on.

White people already control the banks. They’re not going to control my Parmesan cheese consumption.


White supremacists can kiss my black ass.

No Justice, No Peace, Just Crooked Police

Monique Judge

Yesterday, they told us once again that what we saw with our very own eyes is not what happened. They switched the narrative, painted another black man as an aggressor who caused his own death, and even with video evidence that directly contradicts their narrative, no cops are being charged.

A(nother) black man is dead (again), and the cop who shot him goes home to live another day and earn another check. This is what they are paid to do. and when we dare open our mouths to voice our outrage, we are told to shut up and go back to our corners.

They come up with new ways to target us with over-policing. They create labels that paint us as the villains simply because we ask for justice.

All the while, they continue to do the very thing that has us hollering in the first place.

No justice. No peace. Just crooked police.

When I read that the officers involved in the Patrick Harmon shooting would not be charged in his death, I wasn’t even surprised. They always find some reason for the cop to either not be charged, face minimal punishment if they do happen to get charged and convicted, or be acquitted altogether.


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