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A musical journey and where you are...

Let's travel...

PBS‘ Antiques Roadshow makes a stop in the Motor City where the show comes across a #Motown fan with a 1964 passport belonging to #MarvinGaye. The man reveals that he found the ID in an album sleeve which he purchased for 50 cents at an estate sale. Watch the segment on okayplayer.com & learn what it’s worth (hint: a lot more than 50¢)


I need a subscription

Joke's on you!

I'd like to give a shout out to my new thing, Multi-Cultural Cherrios...

Officially, they're known as Chocolate Cherrios, but being how we all know that the Cherrios brand is at the forefront of expanding cultural norms, there's no denying that the inclusion of a product that mixes both chocolate and regular cereals together in a delicious blend is very symbolic to someone, such as myself, who welcomes those expanding cultural norms.

I love the way that the cereal both combines each of the tastes and allows each flavor to retain their distinctive identities, while creating a very delicious melange of the two when eaten. That, my friends, is a delight for the palate. Something, of course, which is indicative of a multi-cultural landscape. The cereal also features another interesting aspect, where it transforms the remaining milk from its original plain whiteness, to a lightly-chocolated flavor. That's right, you get chocolate milk. To me, this is also symbolic of when all cultures are treated as equals and celebrated as such, how that also transforms the cultural landscape from one which is dominated by a single identity, and let us say that original white milk represents the cultural hegemony of white privilege, to a more egalitarian cultural landscape, which is representative of all the constituent cultures together as one.

The cereal is also enhanced by the inclusion of fruits and nuts, my own personal preference being walnuts and raisins, and then you have a delightful breakfast treat. That, of course, could also demonstrate the benefit of having a much wider inclusion of different groups into the realm of cultural norms. You get a much better and healthier environment. You can say that I'm married to the idea of adding those two items to the mix in the spirit of equality.

So, my suggestion is that, if you haven't tried Multi-Cultural (i.e., Chocolate) Cherrios, do yourself a favor and give them a try. And while you're enjoying them, please reflect on the symbolism they represent, in how our society can advance itself through a process of progressive multi-cultural inclusivity and overall equality.

It's the best for all.

The genius of using ignorance as a weapon...

Is that, if you can convince a person that their own ignorance is a natural state of being, then that person would have no concept of how ignorant they actually are, especially about things that you want them to be ignorant about.

Bad Day At Work?

Apparently, some people got their panties in a bunch over the multi-lingual Coke Commercial

America is still a nation of immigrants… Suck it, assholes.

From the Coke Facebook page:


What a bunch of losers

Sports and Politics

President Obama exposes Bill O'Reilly for the conspiracy monger that he is, interrupted 48 times

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