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Git In Mah Bellay!

Check me out, I'm fabulous.

Wait, wait...

Hold up!

Shut the fuck up, you old fart.

If you can't win fair and square, cheat...

California Ballot Initiative Would Rig Next Presidential Election For Republicans


Last winter, shortly after President Obama won his second term in office, many Republicans rallied behind a pair of election-rigging plans designed to make it virtually impossible for a Democrat to win White House again. Though the two plans differ in important ways, the crux of both plans is to rig the Electoral College by requiring blue states to award a significant portion of their electoral votes to Republican presidential candidates — all while ensuring that red states will award 100 percent of their electoral votes to the Republican as well. Though these election-rigging plans appeared dead after a wave of Republican officials came out against them, one of them has just returned to life in California.

On November 22, a man named Hal Nickle filed a proposed ballot initiative in California which would change the way that state allocates electoral votes to ensure that a large chunk of California’s 55 electors go to the GOP, even though Californians consistently prefer Democratic candidates to Republicans. Rather than allocating all of California’s electoral votes to the winner of the state as a whole, as nearly all states currently award their votes, the election-rigging initiative would allocate the states votes proportionally according to the percentage of votes won by each candidate. Thus, if this plan had been in effect in 2012, Mitt Romney would have received 37.12 percent of California’s electors — adding 20 to his overall total.

The trick behind this proposal is that if would only change the law in California, while leaving red states free to award all of their electors to the Republican:


"Likes Metallica."

If raising workers salaries is supposed increase inflation...

Why didn't that happen when we gave the rich more than half the wealth?

When corporations send wages overseas, doesn't that mean that they no longer believe in American Workers?

When are we going to stop rewarding failures of the rich?

When wages are paid to the people who are more likely to spend the money instead of hoard it, won't that improve the economy?

How can paying someone the least amount possible be an incentive to work their way up when you barely ever increase their wages?

Aren't the real "job creators" the people who spend money and circulate the dollar around, instead of the people who are given the wealth and refuse to do anything but hoard it?

Are the real "welfare queens" the corporations that pay their workers so little that they have to supplement their income with public assistance in order to survive?

How long are we going to keep Trickle Down Economics around before everyone admits that it's a failure?

How the hell can any working person justify voting for Republicans when Republicans always work against a working person's best interests?


Ronald Reagan explains Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Actually, this is satire from a 1987 issue of Mad Magazine.

Christmas Santa Word Search

Killing a Lion is the MOST COWARDLY THING you can do

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