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Starfleet and the Holy Grail

Carol Burnett Show - Star Trek Parody

The End of a Fractal

Scientists were mystified when a fractal calculation abruptly stopped, revealing the first known appearance of the end of a fractal pattern. Strikingly beautiful, the magnificent discovery appears after a couple minutes of the gif above.

The discovery is expected to go a long way toward discovering the end of Pi, the biggest number, and where exactly the sidewalk does end.


A live condom, before harvesting and processing.

Though the condom is functionally extinct in the wild, condom farms across the globe are going strong with an estimated larval population in the billions.

The typical condom will shed its skin 15 times through the larval stage, allowing for over a dozen sheaths to be collected before the condom is either allowed to mature as breeding stock or slaughtered for its meat which can be found in “Chicken” nuggets and Spam.

Shed skins undergo a process called “Encondomization” once harvested in which the reservoir tip is sewn on by hand, the condom is dipped in lubricants or spermicidal jelly if applicable, and then rolled up and packaged. The process dates back to Ancient Rome where condom farming began, specifically in buildings known as “Condominiums”. One such condominium is still cranking out the product, having been in continuous operation since approximately 160 B.C.

You can still find it at 00186 Piazza di Montecitorio, Rome, Italy. Cicero’s International House of Condoms now features a museum on the history of the condom and is open to the public. FIJMU followers can get a discount, just ask for Enrico.


Joel Osteen tweets about lending a helping hand...

Previous post of wise wise words from Joel Osteen

An Alex Jones Thanksgiving...

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Yep, Jeb Bush must be dipping into the holiday liquor a bit early

Jeb Bush


Why would our President close our Embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare.


Jeezus Keryst, AMC… Gone With The Wind ALL DAY?

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