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Which is why those people are assholes...

A Billionaire, a Teabagger, and a Black Single Mother are sitting at a table...

A Billionaire, a Teabagger, and a Black Single Mother are sitting at a table with a dozen cookies. The billionaire takes 11 of them, turns to the teabagger and says, "That lazy welfare queen is trying to take your cookie."

America, everybody!

The signs were always there...

Fox Proves that Obamacare absolutely hates men...


It's Election Day in Detroit...

And walking around Downtown are 20-30 young people, all-white as a matter of fact, wearing Guy Fawkes masks and holding signs, demanding an end to slavery.

Ya gotta love this town.

Gun Nut Nation erupts again

Apparently, this country is never going to summon the will and wherewithal to deal with this problem.

Guns and violence are just as American as Cherry pie, paraphrasing H. Rap Brown here.

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head...

I'm seeing way more "Name Removed" posts than usual lately

I'm wondering what's going on in the winger world that's inciting them to fling themselves headlong into a frenzy of self-immolation here on DU.

Some of my own threads have been subjected to this treatment.

Like clockwise circling moths, favoring greatly their right wings, mesmerized by DU's shimmering brightness, they sparkle into tiny balls of flame at the merciless due dilligence of our MIRT Team.

Lately I've seen this ongoing theme in several unmoderated sites where unhinged bands of low-information posters are exhibiting a high degree of anger and paranoia as they fabricate a nefarious plan by the Obama Administration to declare martial law, confiscate firearms and send God-fearing Christian white folk into FEMA concentration camps.

Who comes up with this shit, Alex Jones? Glenn Beck? Drudge? Some psycho that I'm not thinking of?

Of course, none of their paranoid fantasies about Obama have come to fruition, however, that hasn't inhibited them from fabricating a fresh batch of lies to stir up the right wing groundlings that tend to show up around these parts.

In truth, whenever I come across their willingness to accept, without question, the lies and false accusations against the President and anyone else who doesn't accept their unhinged madness, I really question the general sanity of this country.

DU is a safe place for me from all of that crap. I don't need them coming here, in failed attempts to harsh all of our mellows.

Crazy, man!

Marilyn - Sex Means Nothing When You're Dead

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