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Donald Byrd - (Fallin' Like) Dominoes (1975)

Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What To Do (1975)

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & Trinity - Road to Cairo 1968

Disgusting! Some White People Are Complaining That Luke Cage Is 'So Black'

Here we go again.

Over the weekend, folks all over the country have focused their attention on Netflix's newest original series, Luke Cage, so much so that the streaming capacity was too much to hold up at one point, crashing the site. The main topic that has everyone talking, though, is how unapologetically Black the series is, and, of course, this has some white folks upset and shouting "reverse racism."

Taking to Twitter, some white people who checked the new series out expressed how underrepresented they felt in the Harlem-set show:

First episode of Luke Cage, where are all the white People? This show is very racist!

luluca (@luise_assad) October 1, 2016


The problem with these people is the fact that their whiteness isn't being focused and centered. It's pretty much the problem with living in a white supremacist society.

Who do ya call?

White Atlanta attorney shoots wife to death and blames Black Lives Matter

Atlanta Attorney Says He Accidentally Fatally Shot Wife as They Drove Home and Blames Black Lives Matter Protestors


A prominent Atlanta attorney says he accidentally shot his executive wife in the back when a gun in his lap fired after their car hit a speed bump.

Claud "Tex" McIver was in the back seat when he says his .38 snub-nose revolver went off, wounding his wife Diane who was seated in the front passenger seat. She died in surgery several hours later at Emory University Hospital last Monday. She was 63.

McIver says he and his wife were being driven home by Diane's best friend when their Ford Explorer was approached by several individuals during a week in which there were many Black Lives Matter protests in the area, according to Bill Crane, a McIver family friend, who spoke to the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday.

Fearing they were about to be carjacked, McIver pulled out his gun from the center console as a precaution. McIver was falling asleep with the gun in his lap and has no recollection of pulling the trigger, Crane told the newspaper.


A: There weren't any Black Lives Matters activists protesting in the area where he shot his wife.
B: He's not rotting jail right now

White privilege, everybody.

I meant to do that...

I got your back...

May I speak to you about our lord and savior, Neptune?

Not evil enough, I guess.

There you go, straight from the gaping maw of the Dread Cthulhu, all praise the Old Ones.
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