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Instead of wasting time there, they could've been at the donut shop

EDEKA Supergeil (feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein) Supermarket ad...Wahnsinn, baby!!

Embrace Your Truth, My Friend...


Right Wing rhetoric is about as close to reality as this galaxy is to the Hubble Deep Field...

Then why does the media treat that crap as something that's legit? We really need to call these asses on their shit, especially on social media. They all have Twitter feeds, FB pages and email accounts, they all work for someone else with the same. We need to organize massive response, that's what the Right is doing this very moment against us.

Simply because none of these people are held responsible for the bullshit that they're proffering to the world and the Reality Based World is left to clean up their messes. Without sufficient outrage and response, for the most part. It's, "Ho-hum, let's get the mop and bucket."

Enough of that bull.

I've said it before; when they fail, we should simply let them wallow in it. Sure, they'll blame us, as they always need scapegoats for their failures, but I say that we reiterate to them that this mess of a world we're in is the exact one they've asked for, much less what we've done to keep it from getting worse.

I say we start with the Global Climate Change deniers first. I'm going to hazard a guess and say that this year will offer some pretty dire climate related problems. When they happen, I suggest we point towards the deniers and tell everyone that this is their fault that things are so bad. We name names and publish them. Interview them as well, they are pretty much guaranteed to say the worst things ever.

Next, we do the same with the misogynists, the racist xenophobes, the supply siders and the rest of them. Force them to OWN their reprehensible words and horrible positions.

Make them pay.

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)

A Day In The Life Of Business Baby...

Some truths never change...

A simple question for the AZ Legislature...

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