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Bad Cop, No Donut - Fat Tuesday Edition - NYPD Goes Wild Against Muslim Teens

Muslim Teens Allegedly Beaten By NYPD In Bronx Park; Claims Made That Hijabs Were Ripped Off

A disturbing story emerged out of the Bronx on Thursday. Two Muslim sisters, Lamis Chapman and Khalia Wilson, aged 12 and 14 respectively, told the New York Daily News that they were thrown to the ground, put in chokeholds, and had their hijabs violently torn off by members of the NYPD, for a reason that remains unclear.

Chapman and Wilson said they were playing handball around 9:30 pm in the park near their home in the Lester Patterson Houses in Mott Haven, the Bronx, when police approached them and asked them to leave, as the park was closed.

The girls recounted that the cops followed them out of the park, and one grabbed Wilson from behind, putting her in a chokehold and wrestling her to the ground. "They said they asked for ID. I didn't hear them," reported Wilson. When her sister protested, she was also thrown to the ground, and both sisters' headscarves were ripped off.

"I kept saying, 'I'm 14! What are you doing? We're not bad kids,'" explained Wilson.

When their 15-year-old brother, Shytike Wilson, saw the police assaulting his younger sisters from a window, he ran to their aid. "I asked them why my sisters were in handcuffs," he said, when the police, "charged me, picked me up, and slammed me on the floor."


Gawddammit, it's cold out here

Fuck a duck!

Starbucks, here I come.

What Could Have been...

I don't want to violate DU rules, but I am SORRY. If you do not LOVE "The Fifth Element..."

I believe that your soul is as dark and as evil as that of Mister Shadow.

Time to stop calling them "Conservatives"

IBTL nt.

Bad Cop, No Donut - 28 Feb 2014: Joe Arpaio's Racist Roast

Joe Arpaio's Racist Roast And Other Stories From The Western Conservative Conference


PHOENIX -- The demographic death spiral of the conservative movement has a laugh track. It was recorded live in Barry Goldwater's hometown on Saturday night, in front of a 1,000-person ballroom audience, during a banquet roast of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the gala conclusion to the annual Western Conservative Conference, known until last year as Western CPAC.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne laid down the basic comic framework for his fellow roasters, totaling a dozen conservative dignitaries of local and national reputation. "Apologies to the Civic Center," said Horne, "but half of the kitchen staff was arrested tonight upon arrival of Joe and his deputies. Because of a budget crunch, the sheriff's cutting way back. No more green baloney for prisoners -- just an extra beating at suppertime. Over the years, Joe's touched many people. We know because many are now pressing charges."

Chuckling throughout Horne's routine on stage next to Arpaio was Russell Pearce, a recalled state senator with a documented fondness for neo-Nazi websites, and the primary architect of Arizona's controversial immigration bill S.B. 1070. Pearce smiled as his one-time ally in the 1070 fight, Arizona State Rep. John Kavanagh, began his set asking, "How many Hispanics did you pull over on the way over here, Arpaio?" He later added, "All these years I figured he was rounding up Hispanics because you had a grudge from the Spanish-American War. But if you were in the Korean War, how come you're not rounding up Asians?" Kavanagh was doing a bit about the difficulties of dining out with Arpaio -- "When we go into a restaurant, most of the wait staff and cooks dive out the back window" -- when he spotted a passing waiter holding a platter of stuffed chickens, and screamed, "There's a brave one! Get him! Sic 'em!"

The crowd roared; the waiter turned red. Thus did a day of strategy sessions on how to reclaim the White House and build a new conservative majority end with national movement leaders affectionately teasing a divisive deport-'em-all drug-war dinosaur, whose roast material revolved entirely around the three facts of his being old, sadistic, and having a bit of a brown-person problem. The Tea Party's loud rejection of immigration reform shows it has also refused the message of electoral emergency delivered by Barack Obama's 2012 victory map. But if anyone needed another reminder, they now have the image of Joe Arpaio receiving a "Medal of Freedom" award in recognition of his rough detainment and deportation techniques, and a taste for racial profiling so aggressive it has resulted in a federally appointed monitor in Maricopa County.


Never forget that reality is the only thing that's standing in the way of your dreams… nt

I've decided to go with a daily feature, "Bad Cop, No Donut"

Apparently, I NEVER have to risk running out of source material.

First installment:

Ex-student accuses Troy cops of excessive force

Ex-student's excessive force suit latest of many
By Bob Gardinier
Updated 12:51 pm, Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Another notice of a pending lawsuit was filed against the city, this time by a former college student who claims police officers slammed him against a truck, punched him and used a Taser on him for jaywalking.

One of the officers was named in two other cases in which defendants claim use of excessive force.

The most recent incident happened Oct. 16, when Archie Davis, who was attending Hudson Valley Community College at the time and was a defensive back for the school's football team, and three of his friends were walking in the city, according to Davis' lawyer, Terry Kindlon.

According to a police report, Officer Isaac Bertos stopped Davis and his friends as they walked down the middle of Adams Street. Bertos advised them to use the sidewalk and alleged that they were jaywalking. The officer reported the men "began using vulgar language," and called for Officer Dominick Comitale's assistance. While the others complied, police allege Davis became combative and resisted arrest.

Davis was thrown to the ground, punched in the ribs and eye and subdued with a Taser, Kindlon said.

The pending federal lawsuit claims Davis was "unlawfully seized" and the officers used "excessive force," Kindlon said.

Bertos was named in two other cases claiming excessive force.


From little acorns of awareness, mighty oaks of denial grow

Oh well!
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