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There are literally some mansions in Detroit that I want my hands on...

And it's the easiest place to get one in the county.


From 1998-2003 I was assigned to an AF unit that operated Predator UAVs...

Mostly over Iraq, pre-Bush's criminal enterprise. We didn't operate armed "drones", BTW.

Because I was granted a TS-SCI security clearance, I was privy to certain… things.

But now, it seems that those secrets are out.

Look what I've found on the net:

It seems that there are really NO secrets anymore.

New Study: Nearly Half Of All Americans Are Dangerous Stupid Idiots

The new Cosmos couldn’t have come at a better time, but the real question is whether or not it can undo the damage that science deniers have done.

Being a climate change proponent or supporting evolution while denying the usefulness of vaccinations can make you a dangerous hypocrite – the same scientific rigors prove all of these. Yet, a large number of Americans continue to make artificial distinctions between them, leading to a rampant belief in dangerous and foolish conspiracies. In fact, a new study published this week in the highly-respected Journal of the American Medical Association shows that nearly half of the population subscribes to some form of medical conspiracy.

Looking at them individually:

A full 37% of the population believes that the FDA is working with “Big Pharm” to squelch evidence of the effectiveness of non-traditional, alternative medical treatments for things like cancer and disease because they won’t make money. Here’s a question you should ask yourself: how much do you think it costs to produce a new drug? If you guessed $5 billion, you’re right. Furthermore, just how many of the new drugs tested meet FDA rigor and standards so that they make it to market? If you said only 5% of all drugs created make it to market, you’re right again. Which isn’t to say that drugs aren’t money makers, but… how much do you think it costs to produce a new herbal supplement, slap “all natural” on the front, and then ship it to market, and how many do you think fail FDA testing procedures? Not enough to keep the vitamin and natural supplement industry from becoming a multibillion dollar a year industry.

One in five people think that vaccinations cause autism. This link has been disproved before. Andrew Wakefield was a lair, the BMJ has called him an elaborate fraud, and as a direct result of his bogus study, he’s caused vaccination rates to drop. This one is particularly offensive, because while there’s no evidence that vaccinations cause autism – none – it suggests that some parents would rather have a dead child than a child who is on the autistic spectrum. Vaccinations work; if you doubt it, look up Variola major and get back with us.

Another 20% of respondents believed that cellphones cause cancer. There’s no reliable study at all to suggest this. There isn’t just one study, either; a trip to PubMed to search for the subject turns up hundreds of studies with different search terms ranging from “cell phones and brain tumors” to “cell phones radiation,” with most of them not supporting the link between cell phones and cancer, leading to the conclusion that there isn’t any viable connection between the two.


It's pretty obvious around here that Obama can't do anything right...

And receive objective praise about something, without someone coming around and treating him like The Blackenstein Monster.

Pitchforks and torches, every single day.

You think that I want to get into fights with these people? They're so emotionally draining, that they might as well be wearing capes and hanging upside down in the belfry.

And let's not forget the trolls, wrapped up in bandages, trying to cover themselves up, as they shamble through the site, bringing chaos and destruction. Quite a few have been here since the ancient times, only to rise out of their tombs for special occasions.

Then you have those who turn into hairy creatures when the moon turns full and when the wolf bane blooms, infecting others with vicious, biting rhetorical attacks against the President.

You know what? It doesn't have to be Fall around here to have Halloween. It's like that 365 days a year, but without any of the fun, like trick-or-treating.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the Igors...

Home, Snoodles...


I Love You!


Warning: Graphic GIF - Eight Seconds of Pure Hell...

I'm looking for the story behind this, BTW

Those hills aren't alive any more...

Speak Softly And Carry A Big Brush

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