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I'm sure, as it is with you...

Seeing all of these protests ALL OVER THE COUNTRY against Trump makes me feel a lot more hopeful for the future.

This will not stand.


Apparently, this is the Trump administration's version of busy work.


It's just to satisfy those people, his fans, who only care that he's looking as if he's doing something, in spite of whether or not he's doing any actual work at all.

A lot of these EO's aren't even worth the paper they're printed on, due to the fact that they were drafted without any input from the actual agencies who would be responsible for carrying them out. Also, he's creating the conditions for a huge series of lawsuits that have either already been filed against the government, or will be filed against the government. Hopefully, everyone will pay attention to any pending court rulings that may or may not be filed against him.

Already the backlash against this administration is greater than any other I've ever seen before, it's completely unprecedented, even compared to the last two presidents. I've never seen this much public opposition and at such intensity ever. We are in new territory here.

And of course, the actual consequences of his busywork is yet to be seen in the amount of money that all of it may cost us, not mention our actual standing in the world. For example, why would someone who won an election go out of his way to dispute the outcome of the election that he won? That makes no sense at all, unless of course, he's going out of his way to APPEAR as if he's actually doing SOMETHING... The expense and time wasted in such a pointless exercise notwithstanding.

Not that any of that would matter to both Congressional Republicans, who have reversed their previous stances on the debt and deficits and are all too happy to open up the national checkbook, and Trump's many, many supporters, who find more and more inventive ways to justify and mitigate his words and actions.

So, I'm quite sure that his many, many supporters are happy while watching Trump engage in this form of performance art, even if many of them have absolutely no idea what the end result of any of it will be.

But he's a man of action, of course, just what America needs. Nothing else matters other than that.


Now, he's hurting Lady Liberty...


Time to check in with the countrdown...

Yep, just as I though.


Good Morning, time to get your meme on...

Anyone else like this?

"Waterboarding absolutely works."

Yep. We're the bad guys once again.

Thanks Great Leader Cheetolini Pussygrabber.


So Rubio's voting for Tillerson, eh?

Once a light weight, always a light weight.


Now, I didn't say this...

Well, I didn't


America Held Hostage - Day 3

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