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Am I fraeknig you out rghit now?

Trsut me, vrey the lsat tinhg taht I wnat to do is to fraek you out.

Journey - Don't Stop Believin' - The Unofficial Theme Song of Detroit

1952 - Republican Flip Flopping

The Front Page...

"…And they have the nerve to call US 'animals.'"

Tiny Potato believes in me too...

Comma usage...

There was so much very wrong about that election's ticket, starting with the top of it.

The party never ends...

EXCLUSIVE: Parole Officers Say They Were Illegally Stopped By Rockland County Cops

By Sarah Wallace
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It's almost unheard of to have members of law enforcement publicly lambasting each other, but the state parole officers say what happened to them is so egregious, they can no longer stay silent and they are not stopping there, they are filing a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Sarah Wallace: "You were afraid they were going to shoot you?"

Sheila Penister said "I could rest assured I was dead that day."

The four veteran New York State Parole officers deal with danger every day, but they say they never imagined the greatest threat of their lives could come from their own. It happened during a tense stand-off at this intersection on Route 59 in Rockland county in late April.

"All I could think of was if I sneeze, or blink, or clear my throat, that, yeah, I might have a bullet lodged in my head," said Annette Thomas.

The officers, who work out of Rockland County, were wearing their vests and shields and riding in this state-issued vehicle with a parole placard on the dashboard. They say, sudden.y, the car was surrounded at gunpoint by cops from the Ramapo Police department and one from the Village of Suffern.

Sarah: "Why do you think you were stopped?"

"Racial profiling, there's no doubt in my mind. I believe that 4 black officers with gold shields in a predominantly white neighborhood was just a tad bit too much for them to swallow," said Penister.

Sarah Wallace: "And they were all white?"

Penister: "All white."

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