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Cosplaying while Black: The Homicide of Darrien Hunt pt 2


Why isn’t anyone talking about this?


Watch non black cosplayers and lovers of cosplay stay silent on this.
If any of my followers in Utah want to do something about this, the Don’t Shoot foam sword protests are going to be happening on September 27th in both Saratoga Springs and West Valley. All the information can be found here, and if you can possibly go, I really, strongly encourage it. These are non-violent protests, but they are being held at the headquarters for two very corrupt police precincts, so please be careful and exercise your best judgement.


Post your favorite movie opening sequences

Sharky's Machine

Everybody dance now!

Chicken Vs Egg Scenario: What's the biggest problem, hyper-security or the threat of terrorism?

As an aside:

Principal fires security guards to hire art teachers — and transforms elementary school

Orchard Gardens, a school in Roxbury, Mass., had been plagued by bad test scores and violence -- but one principal's idea to fire the security guards and hire art teachers is helping turn it around. NBC's Katy Tur reports.

By Katy Tur, Correspondent, NBC News

ROXBURY, Mass. — The community of Roxbury had high hopes for its newest public school back in 2003. There were art studios, a dance room, even a theater equipped with cushy seating.

A pilot school for grades K-8, Orchard Gardens was built on grand expectations.

But the dream of a school founded in the arts, a school that would give back to the community as it bettered its children, never materialized.

Instead, the dance studio was used for storage and the orchestra's instruments were locked up and barely touched.

The school was plagued by violence and disorder from the start, and by 2010 it was rank in the bottom five of all public schools in the state of Massachusetts.

That was when Andrew Bott — the sixth principal in seven years — showed up, and everything started to change.

“We got rid of the security guards,” said Bott, who reinvested all the money used for security infrastructure into the arts.


Post your favorite Dylan tune about a medieval structure...

So many to choose from.

Fully Charged

It's Friday… You know what that means...

A blast from the past, MrScorpio answers questions as Petey The Pirate


A gift for Talk Like A Pirate day

Arr, matey. Ya wouldn't 'ave dese 'ere problems if ya woulda joined da Nay-Veee

Somthing to think abooot.
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