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Really? Just fuck the police...

Fuck them all to hell.

"He was no angel."

No need to gun these kids down 1 1/2 seconds after driving up on them...

Nope, no need at all. They've got REAL guns, see?

(No, I've NOT advocating that the police gun these kids down, if that's what you're thinking. If you did, don't be ridiculous.)

(UK) Policemen 'chased autistic man Faruk Ali for fun'

Bedfordshire police officers Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts both deny the charges against them

Bedfordshire PCs Christopher Thomas and Christopher Pitts are accused of pursuing Faruk Ali, 33, in a police car before PC Thomas attacked him.

Aylesbury Crown Court was played a video from the in-car camera of the officers laughing before PC Thomas chased Mr Ali on foot, in Luton.

PC Thomas, 33, of Welwyn Garden City, denies racially aggravated assault.

'Their own amusement'
He and PC Pitts, 39, from Bedford, both deny perverting the course of justice and two counts of misconduct in a public office.

The prosecution said the officers followed Mr Ali for "fun" and "their own amusement" rather than any "legitimate policing reason".

Prosecutor David Richards said: "The accused are serving police officers.

Faruk Ali was helping to put out bins when he was assaulted by PC Christopher Thomas, the jury heard
"They chased a vulnerable man for no proper reason whatsoever."

He said Mr Ali, who has the mental age of a three or four-year-old child, got up early each Thursday to help put out the bins in his street.

Faruk Ali was helping to put out bins when he was assaulted by PC Christopher Thomas, the jury heard



Steely Dan - "Black Friday"

So, what are you thankful for?

Me, I am for my family and friends and even my neighbors and thankful that I'm still breathing for another year.

I'm thankful that I express myself through words and music and that I can share my expressessions.

I'm thankful for what little possessions I have, because I know that they can be lost at any time.

I'm thankful that I can be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Officer fires at unarmed suspect during traffic stop

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Days after an unarmed man dodged a bullet during a traffic stop, it's still not entirely clear what led a Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer to open fire.

The man's supporters took to social media on Wednesday to share his side of the story, saying the man had been holding his daughter's asthma inhaler when the officer fired Monday night.

Officer J.C. Garcia hasn't been placed on leave in the wake of the shooting, a JSO spokesperson said Tuesday.

The officer drew and fired his weapon under the mistaken belief that the driver was holding a gun. In fact, Brian Dennison, 29, was unarmed, and had his 6-year-old daughter in the car with him.


Dennison was arrested on misdemeanor charges of knowingly driving with a suspended license and driving with a suspended license. He is currently in the Duval County Jail.


Nope, no need for the National Guard here either...

Anyone see any Mounties?

Officer Pedro Serrano

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: This week, NYPD cop Pedro Serrano has been testifying about the unfair targeting of Blacks and Hispanics for New York’s Stop and Frisk. To support his case, Serrano unveiled a video recording of superior ordering him to stop and frisk Black and Latino males between the ages of 14 and 21. This cop is very, very brave.

Good cops don’t turn a blind eye to the corruption and racism being practiced by their fellow officers.



I'm wondering how many folks are there are just now realizing...

That the bar for police "justifiably" shooting people to death (black people especially) is pretty damn low.

Not to mention the fact that escalation is actually a defensible police practice these days. Basically, there really aren't any reasons why police are justified to beat people into a pulp, other than some cop just wants to.

What really disturbing that many police seem to feel threatened by cameras in the hand of bystanders, simply because there will exist a record of their own actions. Which is really confusing, if they are IN FACT acting against people who are in the midst of criminal behavior themselves. How many times have we ever seen anyone being set upon by a bunch of cops, arms and feet a-flailing, lodge an objection to being photographed or videotaped?

It's usually the cops who do everything that they can to prevent THEIR actions from being recorded in situations where they're the ones who are escalating the use of force at the drop of a hat.

That escalation doesn't take much to happen. Merely instinctive actions become acts of "resistance" that must be beaten out of people. You see the combination of inflicting pain and justifying more infliction of pain as a natural response to that infliction.

Usually under the practiced mantra of "stop resisting, stop resisting." Cops charging the very people they've beaten to a pulp of assaulting them. Sometimes I think that they'll only be satisfied when people acknowledge their authority by falling on the ground like muted and limp rag dolls.

Our police forces are only justified whenever they catch criminals… What better way to stick around than to classify as many people as "criminals" as possible. What better way to justify a society with extreme levels of poverty and injustice making the police occupy and underserve such communities at the same time. We have a social caste system of racial and economic inequality in this country and we leave it to both the police and the courts to maintain it.

Rights are nothing more than whatever the police choose to either deny or acknowledge.

You wonder why the police are so scared… Because they do understand that they're the vanguard for an unjust system. Their actions are borne of guilt and fear. Fear that people will wake up and figure out what they're up to.

By the way, the people who hire the police to maintain the system of injustice are not going to go away quietly. They have the power and they mean to keep it.

For the rest of us who wish to reverse the power dynamic, merely to make living more tolerable… We should never forget that power concedes nothing without a struggle. In order to struggle, you need unity, you need solidarity.

Those who think that the police are working in THEIR behalf, when they're actually not… Then it's THEY who are part of the problem.

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