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If Chelsea Clinton and John Podesta secretly met with some obscure Iranian nationals...

With only the prospect of perhaps finding some OPPO on Trump, and not even getting anything concrete, how soon would a GOPr controlled Congress impeach President Hillary Clinton?

It doesn't matter if he's corrupt or incompetent...

Or that he's probably mentally ill, or even most definitely a Russian asset.

It doesn't matter if he's a liar or crook, or if he's breaking all kinds of laws, and spews ridiculous garbage at the drop of a hat.

It doesn't matter if he's hired unqualified people for highly important positions.

It doesn't matter if he's gone into war against important American institutions and cuddles with our enemies only because they have said nice things about him.

It doesn't matter that he would be impeached already if he happened to do the exact same things as a Democrat.

And it doesn't matter that he's on his way to destroying everything good decent and strong about America.

In spite of all of this and more, what will it take for his supporters to realize that he's the worst person ever sit in the Oval Office?

Because I'm damned if I know what makes these people so abundantly blind to his foolishness.

The Answers to Two Big Questions About Trump and the GOP That Keep Befuddling Progressives

The Right Wing

The Answers to Two Big Questions About Trump and the GOP That Keep Befuddling Progressives

By George Lakoff / AlterNet
July 6, 2017, 7:16 AM GMT

Progressives are stumped. They keep asking the same two questions over and over again on social media, TV, and radio:

1. Why donít Trump supporters turn against Trump even though he is doing things that hurt them (like taking away their health care)?

2. Why do Republicans hate the Affordable Care Act and why are they so transparently acting to give wealthy people a tax break by making health care unaffordable?

Here is the short answer: All politics is moral. Supporting Trump, and gutting public health care resources in order to provide tax cuts for the wealthy, fits perfectly within the strict conservative moral worldview, which is hierarchical in nature. Voters donít vote their self-interest. They vote their values.

The longer answer requires a deeper explanation. Letís start with the place where all ideas and questions originate: the brain.

Most thought (as much as 98% by some accounts) is unconscious. It is carried out by neural circuitry in our brains. We have no conscious access to this circuitry, but itís there. This is basic neuroscience. When it comes to politics, progressives and conservatives essentially have different brains. The unconscious beliefs conditioned in their brains are nearly exact opposites.

Here are two statements you will almost certainly agree with if youíre a progressive:

1. In Lincolnís words, the American government should be a government of, by and for the people.
2. Citizens care about other citizens, and work through their government to provide public resources for allóresources required for the well-being and freedom of all.

These imply just about all of progressive policies.


"Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Smokey The Bear?"

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