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I have a sneaking suspicion...

...That our first non-white POTUS has always been under one kind of attack or another because those who are attacking him simply want to poison the waters to prevent this county from electing another non-white person in the foreseeable future.

I've had that suspicion and I haven't been able to shake it… Don't know why.

Anyone wanna talk me down?

From the Top Secret Files of Dick Cheney...

Yeah, Marco. Shut the fuck up already...


Check out this fresh Apple device with a single core processor...

I bet the apps are nice and hot from the oven!

Penn Badgley Shows Us the Perfect Way to be a White Ally

Here's what to do: Stop talking; just listen.

Here's what to say to accodlades for being involved: "Thanks, but it's not about me."

That's what Penn Badgley, former star of CW's Gossip Girl and current member of the band Mothxr, recommends white people do to effectively support racial justice movements. In an exclusive video for Mic, Badgley explains, "The most important thing to acknowledge right now ... is that you're asking a white male celebrity why it's important to him to participate in a movement that is not about him."

Badgley recorded the short video after his activism at #MillionsMarchNYC, highlighted by MSNBC Shift's Krystal Clear.


Angela Davis



Minstrel Krampus - You Get The Rod & Krampus and Steve's song

Because you need some added direction in your hectic life, it's time for another ASK MrScorpio...

In these uncertain times, a sure tested voice of reason and common sense is required to help make sense of an ostensibly senseless world. That is why I'm taking this time out to help those of you who wish to partake on this exercise and in these times of need to lend my unique perspective and even impart an encouraging word or two. It's the least of what I can do for all of you who have, in turn, given me so much enrichment to my own life.

So, please, take some time out from your busy day, and allow me help resolve a troubling matter for you, lend some advice, assess an incident or just partake of some playful banter. This is all about you and for you, of course.

As always, you may or may not approve of the answers that I give you, but I do promise to answer you in an honest and straight-forward way.

So, I welcome you all to this moment of awe and wonder… Welcome to Ask MrScorpio!

The curtain rises, the house lights brighten, the players are entering the scene, let the magic begin.

Darth Cheney explains...

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