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Now that you think about it...

Halloween is coming: The Right Wing House Of Fear

ONEPRIDE! Defend the den! Lions WIN!

That's the life…

They're so stupid. That's why we love them...

Halloween is coming: I put a spell on you...

Halloween is coming: Meanwhile, in the slammer...

So, I'm on Twitter right now, right?

I've got a special birthday mix playing on Black Athena out of Athens, Greece in a hour https://twitter.com/BlackAthenaGr and I was just passing the time re-blogging some Tumblr posts that link to my Twitter and FB.

One racist fucking troll on Twitter took issue with this post in particular:

After he tweeted me some more racist bullshit, which I will not repeat, I told him "Fuck the police," and sent his ass this:

Well he promptly tweeted me some more racist bullshit. So, instead of engaging with him because my friends in Greece just started their show, you can listen here: http://www.athina984.gr/liveplayer/air1044.html I simply muted any tweets coming from that bigoted asshole.

Today is too special to deal with racist bullshit, Am I Right?

By the way, I turn 53 tomorrow.

We all know that right wingers hate you...

But that hatred really comes out when you refuse to hate yourself.
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