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Geez, Gingrich is a fucking idiot

He's at CPAC right now, pretty much talking about shit that he doesn't even know about and getting applause for his bullshit.

What's striking about last night's Oscars was that it exposed a dichotomy in Hollywood

I suppose that you can say that there has always been two "Hollywoods."

There's the conservative Hollywood, white and hetero-supremacist, hell bent on protecting establishment themes and standardized images at all cost. This is the one that only thinks of the bottom line. It whitewashes the world for public consumption. It's the image of bland normality. It was this "Hollywood" that sanctioned the nominations for the Oscars.

And on the other hand, you have the artists, most of whom have considerable free time and money to further their own causes once they've achieved a certain level of success. From racial, gender, LGBTQ equality to suicide prevention, disability and family issues, they live it everyday. They know full well that establishment Hollywood only pays lip service to these issues that would never be associated with Hollywood unless the artists themselves lend considerable time and money to advocation and activism.

When the wingers excoriate Hollywood for being too liberal, they're actually pointing a finger at artist activism. The wingers are doing what they can to diminish the voices of those artists who speak out for the less fortunate. They couldn't give a tinker's damn about the establishment, corporate controlled side.

In many cases, the very same wingers are getting paid by the very same people who own and run the major studios. It's not their masters that they're waging a war of words against, it's the hired talent.

I love it when the artists take the few seconds they have on stage to speak for those whom establishment Hollywood stereotypes, misrepresents, diminishes and ignores. Regular people. Most artists were once regular people too... I love the fact that aside from their wealth, fame and success, many of them have never forgotten that.

Playing the Game...

Almost there…

Sorry it took me so long...

"Din-din," you say?

Psychedelic Pachyderms...

When some long futuristic epoch comes to be and the next apex species forms on this planet...

Let's hope that they can do better than turning their civilization into a joke of a ponzi scheme run by Republicans in behalf of their oligarch masters.

It's worth every penny...

A Mother's Struggle...

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