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5 Reasons It's Always Impossible To Take On Scientology

By David Christopher Bell April 01, 2015

Thanks to HBO's continual insistence on killing it in any given genre, the documentary Going Clear shocked the world last weekend with the revelation that an alien-worshiping religious group founded by a tax-evading sci-fi writer wasn't so great after all. Yes, Scientology sure is America's scary uncle, right down to the fact that it refuses to leave no matter how many court orders get sent.

So how is it that a group almost universally accepted as a grifting cult could still be able to operate legally? The reasons are more diabolically genius than you think, even if you watched the documentary -- because while the Church of Scientology is just regular ol' crazy when it comes to most things, it is crazy like a fox when it comes to legal matters.

#5. They Achieved Tax-Exempt Status by Bombarding the IRS

The one unifying merit to Scientology is that they're the only organization insufferable and wealthy enough to screw the IRS at their own game. The bombardment began in 1973 with the Church's Guardian Office conducting something they called operation "Snow White," a deliberate plan to infiltrate and blackmail the media, medical communities, and government agencies determined to be detrimental to Scientology's bat-shit existence. Like anything a cult does, it didn't take long for this to mushroom into a vast plume of insanity, with the Church going as far as infiltrating and bugging IRS offices. The FBI responded with a generous raid, sending 11 Scientologists straight to prison ... something the Church believes to be a "dark" but "justified" chapter in their history.


I usually don't link Cracked articles, but this one was jaw-dropping.

I can never take you anywhere…

Never forget this shit...

Just Another Day In Canada...

Easter fun: Add "Bunny" to a movie title

Apocalypse Bunny
From Dusk Til Bunny
Immortal Bunnyloved
Bunny Of Steel
The Bunnying

"What did I tell you? Neil Armstrong's got nothing on this guy…"

It's that time again...

C'mere, let me smack you...

I just decided to plug 24 time zones on my iPod

But I came up one short. Turns out the GMT -2, the middle of the Atlantic, has no cities attached to it.

It's the world's most secluded time zone.

If I ever wanted to go somewhere to disappear from the face of the Earth, I think that I've found the right spot.

Anyway, I had to skip GMT -2 and go straight to next. Now I only have 23 time zones instead of 24.

If I were ever part of a panel of a nationally televised TV show...

You know, perhaps like one that could possibly rhyme with the phase "Mourning Blow," I think that it behoove myself to get acquainted with an issue that I was supposed to comment on, way-way-way before I open my big fat pie hole on it.

You know, like understanding that Indiana's so-called Religious Freedom bullshit law is nothing like either the national law that it took its name from, or any of the other similarly named state laws around the country.

You know, like understanding that is why the kinds of protests that have erupted in Indiana against their law have not erupted in any other states, because Indiana is different.

You know, like understanding that anything that comes after "I don't know what the difference is" makes you look like an idiot on TV who's only there because you're in love with the sound of your own voice.

If I were part of that show, I would think that keeping my pie hole shut would be much better than exhibiting my own willful ignorance. I say "willful" because folks like that are paid to know things that are easy to look up. At least that's what they're supposed to be paid to do. However, if they're willfully ignorant and are still paid, it would seem that they're perhaps they're paid to spread their own ignorance.

Knowing that, they shouldn't be surprised that, once this becomes apparent, a person watching this crap like myself would turn OFF their TV and not want to hear anything else after that.

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