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I don't see any point in going to those other places


No justice.

All because of a clerical error, by the way

Clerical Error In Child Support Payments Leads To Six-Month Jail Sentence For Clifford Hall (VIDEO)

Due to a clerical error, Texas father Clifford Hall received a bill charging him nearly $3,000 in overdue child support last year. Hall quickly repaid the amount, even paying an additional $1,000 to balance his debt. But despite his repayment, Hall was sentenced to six months in jail. He and his attorney Tyesha Elam joined host Nancy Redd to share his story on HuffPost Live.

Errors in the automated child support withdrawal amounts from Hall's paycheck caused a payment shortage, but when Hall discovered this imbalance, he worked to pay it immediately.

Elam explained, "I assumed as soon as he brought me the receipt catching him up as well as the letter advising him of the overpayment, I thought, 'oh this one will be easy.' I'm thinking, 'let me let the opposing counsel know and we'll be done with this matter.'"

"But the opposing counsel informed me that she wasn't willing to settle the case. She wanted $3,500 in attorney's fees and she was confident from this judge that she could get it. So she refused to settle. So we had to move forward."


Homing missile.

It's never a good time to be a Cookie Wookie

Man Gunned Down By Police While Checking Facebook And Smoking A Cigarette

Last week, a California man was fatally shot by police outside of his cousin’s home. According to the family, 22-year-old Tommy McClain’s death was completely unjustified.

According to police, four Eureka officers were in the area searching for two people on felony warrants. They found two men involved in a dispute outside – one of which they claim was McClain. Officers at the scene claimed that McClain was armed.

McClain was shot at 12:30 a.m. after he “grabbed for” his gun. He was then taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

However, McClain’s family tells a different story. McClain had been at the house of Josh Mottern, McClain’s cousin, who had gone to sleep around midnight after celebrating his birthday. Also at home were his wife, Nichole Mottern, her mother, and the couple’s two children.

Nichole Mottern said McClain, who had been out earlier with the cousin to celebrate, went outside to smoke a cigarette while she checked on her husband. When she glanced out the second-story window, she saw an officer “looking around” the property and another officer running toward the front of the house. When she went outside to see why, she said officers told her to put her hands up. She complied and then watched the horrifying scene unfold. Mottern said:

“Tommy was already out there. He sits out there and smokes cigarettes. He came out from beside the porch … He started to put his hands up. He walked out into the grass … They were telling him to come.”



Right now I'm sipping an apple juice/Redds Apple ale cocktail

Not badd…

The fear starts early these days...

In Police State USA, Kids Playing Outside is a Crime: CPS to Mom “Don’t let them play outside.”

The message from the state is clear, either you keep your kids locked up in the house or you very well may be the one locked up. “You just don’t let them play outside.”

Austin, Texas – Children’s book author, Kari Anne Roy, received an unexpected visit from Child Protective Services (CPS) and the Austin Police Department recently. She was being investigated for allowing her son Isaac, 6, to play outside unsupervised.

Isaac and his eight-year-old sister had been playing outside at a park bench about 150 yards from their house, which is visible from their home’s front porch. When the sister came in the house the boy continued to play.

The child had been outside for all of 10 minutes when there she heard her doorbell ring. When she opened the door, expecting her son, there was a woman standing there that Roy didn’t know.

According to what Roy wrote on her blog, HaikuMama, the stranger asked,

“Is this your son?”
I nodded, still trying to figure out what was happening.
“He said this was his house. I brought him home.” She was wearing dark glasses. I couldn’t see her eyes, couldn’t gauge her expression.
“You brought…”
“Yes. He was all the way down there, with no adult.” She motioned to a park bench about 150 yards from my house. A bench that is visible from my front porch. A bench where he had been playing with my 8-year-old daughter, and where he decided to stay and play when she brought our dog home from the walk they’d gone on.
“You brought him home… from playing outside?” I continued to be baffled.
And then the woman smiled condescendingly, explained that he was OUTSIDE. And he was ALONE. And she was RETURNING HIM SAFELY. To stay INSIDE. With an ADULT. I thanked her for her concern, quickly shut the door and tried to figure out what just happened.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-cps-investigate-family-letting-kids-play/#IwT4svy00yU7OKr8.99


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