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There's no such thing as "Transracial"

It's always been called "passing."

In Ms. Rachel's case, we can call it "perpetrating a fraud."

She could have been a perfectly fine ALLY of people of color without trying to impersonate one of us. There's nothing wrong with being a white ally and there has never been a requirement to hate one's own white skin in order to fight against white supremacy.

Like her life, this woman has only floated false narratives over what needs to be done in the struggle to fight injustice.

I know very little about her motivation, but I can only judge her actions. Is her heart in the right place? I have no idea.

Were her methods wrong? Yes, they were.

If she couldn't be honest about herself, how can she be expected to be trusted? She's yet to come clean, even after her fraud has been exposed.

Now we're stuck with this phony "transracial" ideology. Something that even white people who have been fully raised in black culture would never claim.

I'm getting the impression that some around here believe…

... That, if elected, HRC would lie us into another war, a-la, Bush/Iraq.

Is that what you believe?

Is it terrorism yet?

Or does this man who attacked the DPD not fit the criteria?

Farewell, Lord Summerisle

Fly, Drogon. Fly...

Up, up, to the sky!

It's not like it caught me by surprise...


Although I was referring to it in general terms, of course, that also would meant finding its way amongst ourselves.

I would have hoped that we would all know better.

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