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Remember that an American is a person who thinks that they have a God given right to be delusional

Right now a lot of people who wouldn't know a clue even if they passed it like a gallstone are predicting what's going to happen in the next two years.

All of those people are full of bullshit, because no one knows what's going to happen in the next two years. You'll know even less if you're depending on the people in government who are telling you what they're going to be doing in the next two years, only because politicians rarely say what's really on their minds in public.

At least the smart ones never tell... The morons, however, are very, very generous with their thoughts. Which is one thing i love about those fools; no matter how little they have, they're always willing to give. But despite the fact that morons are candid, even their colleagues think they're fucking stupid.

People are inherently focused on whatever they're invested in and are driven to maintain those investments, no matter how narrowly focused. The narrower the focus, the greater degree of investment and the higher the risks if that investment fails.

This behavior forces people into thinking what they're hoping will happen is going to happen, even if it doesn't. Although delusional thinking is bipartisan, our friends on the right are particularly susceptible because they rely on projection, transference and outright hypocrisy to compensate for their utter lack of any hold on reality.

Remember, that these aren't people who define themselves by what they're for. They define themselves by what they self-righteously stand against. Which basically means that they can inflict chaos and failure on the world around themselves and justify it by deluding themselves into thinking that they're doing the right thing. If they feel any suffering, they're quick to blame others, usually the very same people who are trying to help them, i.e., liberals. They consider all of that to be a God-given right.

The hardest thing for a liberal to do is to watch someone else suffer. That's our Achilles Heel.

You may not want to hear this, but I think that the Right needs to face the consequences of their own delusions. We've been spending too much time and effort trying to pull their fat out of the fire, and I'm pretty much fed up with it. It's time to inflict some good old fashioned gridlock. Now I'm not saying that it will happen, but I think that we should put the primary focus on putting our own houses together, instead of dealing with the morons. Gridlock will allow us to do that.

Next, we needs to reexamine our own investments, the first one being to stop trying to save the right. There is no saving the Right, they are doomed. The Right's strategy to shift wealth in an upward fashion and destroy upward mobility, by which we call "The American Dream," has made progress stagnant in this country.

We need to reject rehabilitating the Right, because all that's doing is making us shoot ourselves in the foot.

We're refusing to do what it takes to defeat them and we're preventing them from suffering the consequences of their own actions. What the fuck are we going to do? It's time to pick a side, our side.

Next, we need to prepare to engage them on all fronts. Do not concede anything. Even if we lose, we still would have forced them to spend capital that they would not have needed to spend while running unopposed. Consider that this will have cumulative affect and force them to shift resources and weaken stronger candidates where the can afford it.

Once we reengage the right, who would have not seen the benefit of trying to fruitlessly rehabilitate them, they should be weaker than ever.

Do you want to get back what you lost? Well, you have to want it and you're going to have to earn it.

No more Mister Nice Guy, people. It's time to play hardball.

Where are the jobs, Republicans?

First day on the job and the lazy bastards haven't done anything yet.

It's like they don't even care.

No excuses, OK?


Islands of blue in a sea of red...

Ladies and gentleman… This is a map of Democrats winning an election.

ONLY a presidential election, one in which we out voted the Republicans by roughly 9 1/2 million votes. However, if you're trying to have Democratic control of Congress with a map that looks like this, you're pretty much fucked.

This tells us two things… There's more of us than there are of them and we're all bunched up together in tightly constructed clusters, while they're all spread out like a motherfucker.

This shouldn't be any new to any of us. It's pretty obvious what the problems are and what the solutions are.

- Gerrymandering: While Republicans control state houses, where going to have gerrymandering. However, redistricting only happens after a ten year period, i.e., post census.

I suggest that Democrats and liberals start moving into the red areas of the country. I'm not suggesting that people move en masse into Idaho. Fuck that noise. However, by these blue area, there are fringes of red which may be almost indistinguishable to the blue areas right next to them.

I live in such an area myself. When I moved back into a new place a couple of years ago, I could have easily moved out of the 10th Congressional District with a Republican congress critter, into the 9th which is safely Democratic. But I decided to stay here. It takes me less that 10 minutes to walk from one district to the next, so culturally, socially and just about every single measure, there really is no difference between the two where I am.

I live in a relatively diverse area; people here vote locally for Democrats, there are union supporters here and just about everyone hates Republicans. But due to the structure of this district, the vast majority of voters are just north of here and are comprised of mostly white, Republican voting ignoramuses.

I can't see any other way to solve this problem than to take what they have away from them, their overwhelming majority in the widest areas of the country.

Yes, I know that I'm suggesting a lot. But, just a slight demographic shift could mean a lot until the next round of reapportionment. If we're going to get back control of Congress, a shitload of us are just going to have to move out of our comfort zones and physically invade Red America.

Either we do this, or we concede most of the land mass to those assholes.

Shit like this happens in a country full of ungrateful bastards.

Two more years of gridlock

So be it.

I'm not going to watch any TV until later

I'm about to go grocery shopping, have a Subway sammich, stop by the drug store.

When I get home, then I'll aggravate myself about the election today (if need be.)

Until then, reality abides.

Two votes for Democrats in Michigan!


Yertle gets some love

If you don't vote, you'll make this puppy sad...

Don't make the puppy sad, if you haven't already, get out there and vote today.

You won't be sorry.
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