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No need for the National Guard here:

Nope… No need at all.

What the news won't show...

They went out of their way NOT to indict Wilson. We all know this.

By the way, Wilson is the exact same height as Brown, 6'4"

Yet Wilson described Brown as a "Hulk Hogan."

But just like that 12 YO boy who was shot while carrying a toy gun, it must have been Brown's blackness that made him so dangerous to Wilson

Season's Greetings...


As it is always...

Hitting the head on the nail...

C'mon...This… Is… Fun!

Norfolk Wing Nut Doctor hates President Obama so much that he hangs a Nazi flag

Dr. William Wheeler, a viciously anti-Obama Norfolk resident, decided to shock and offend his neighbors by hanging a Nazi flag because the President took executive action on immigration.

VA Wingnut Hangs Nazi Flag To Protest Obama’s Immigration Action

Local news channel 3 is reporting that a resident in the Ghent neighborhood of Norfolk, VA found a most peculiar way of protesting President Obama’s decision to take executive action on the issue of immigration: to hang a Nazi flag outside his home. The man who hung the flag, Dr. William Wheeler, would not speak on camera to the news station reporting the story.

However, an area resident who came to see the situation for herself and to address Dr. Wheeler about the flag, did. However, when Beth Booker tried to talk to Dr. Wheeler about the flag, she says that instead of reasonable discourse, she was instead insulted. Booker says of the incident:

I wanted to have a dialogue with him as to why he hung that hate flag out in the neighborhood. It’s amazing how somebody can have so much hate in them and feel it’s okay to express themselves. Granted, there’s freedom of speech. He can do and say whatever he wants to, but I think you need to have some respect for people in this country. And that flag represents nothing but hate.


Maybe they don't want us to vote...

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