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Just in case that conservatives wonder why black people can't stand their asses...

Well, Ms Right Wing Surfer Girl with your fake tan and all…

Kiss my ass.


I've been on DU for a good 12 straight years...

And, I have to say, this is one of the times that I'm grateful for you guys. Just because this is a community, not just a bunch of people posting online.

It's a place where we all take the time to recognize each other's humanity. For me, I haven't seen a lot of other places like that. At least not to the extent to which is is here. I only have a few friends on Twitter and Tumblr, in spite of vast number of people I follow and those that follow me. Even on Facebook, aside from my actual extended family members and school associates there, it's not the same as it is here.

So for all of you, I leave you these words by Elie Wiesel in gratitude:

Thanks very much.

Being black in America means that you have no justification to stop the police from murdering you

Black and unarmed and the police are out to murder you in cold blood?

Sure, why not?

No need for the National Guard here:

Nope… No need at all.

What the news won't show...

They went out of their way NOT to indict Wilson. We all know this.

By the way, Wilson is the exact same height as Brown, 6'4"

Yet Wilson described Brown as a "Hulk Hogan."

But just like that 12 YO boy who was shot while carrying a toy gun, it must have been Brown's blackness that made him so dangerous to Wilson

Season's Greetings...


As it is always...

Hitting the head on the nail...

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