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For some strange reason, I get the feeling that the GOP is hostile towards civil & human rights...

GOP drops ‘civil rights and human rights’ from subcommittee name

The new GOP chairman of a Senate Judiciary subcommittee changed the name of the panel, dropping “civil rights” and “human rights” from its title.

The subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights is now simply the subcommittee on the Constitution. The subcommittee names are chosen by its chair, so Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) is responsible for the switch.

“We changed the name because the Constitution covers our most basic rights including civil and human rights. We will focus on these rights along with other issues that fall under the broader umbrella of the Constitution,” Cornyn’s spokeswoman Megan Mitchell said.

But civil rights leaders are displeased. Nancy Zirkin, executive vice president of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, called it “a discouraging sign” in a news release Friday.

“Changing the name of this subcommittee is a poor start, but the proof of the panel’s seriousness about addressing these issues will become apparent in its actual work,” she said. “We only hope that this troubling name change doesn’t foretell a heedless retreat on civil and human rights.”


Kitty Kat Fixes The World...

Here's something so that you can say that you see something new every day...

Something that we should spend money on. Fixing...

The GOP: Bought and paid for...

Great Prognostications In American Conservative History...

One America, Or Two?

I grew up in the '60s and caught absolutely nothing...

I was the beneficiary of a rigorous childhood vaccination program that was administered to me and my schoolmates in elementary school.

I remember the shots by air guns and needles and the oral doses that we all lined up in the school auditorium to recieve.

Although some of my school aged pals would come down with occasional cases of mumps or the measles, others and myself did not.

I've never had any childhood disease. I never knew of a case of a bad reaction from any vaccination either. I was quite willing to take that moment of pain from an airgun or a needle than to have to endure the illness from a disease.

Quite frankly until recently, until the advent of the anti-vax movement, I presumed that my experience at a young age would be consistent with kids today, recieving vaccinations of their own and also protecting them from the same diseases that I completely avoided.

I was wrong, obviously. I'm also incredulous that parents, who have for the most part also benefited from the same childhood vaccination program that protected them, would skip out on those protections for their own kids.

What the hell are these people thinking?

Vaccinations not only protect our kids and ourselves, they protect the community as a whole.

I still have the vaccination scar on my left arm and I wear it as a badge of honor. During my lifetime, I've seen the same mark on the arms of others who were around my age. I considered it mark of protection.

Before me, a lot of other kids didn't have the same form of protection as I, and sickness was quite common. But since the program we've gone a long time without the outbreaks of childhood diseases, that I thought could've been easily avoided.

But we're regressing in that arena, are we not?

Anti-vaxxers are a selfish, illinformed and dangerous lot who are not only putting themselves and their own children in jeopardy but the rest of us as well. Anti-vax philosophy has far ranging consequences beyond the people who've adopted it.

It's practically insane.

Damn groupies...

100 Time-Lapsed Sunsets...

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