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For years Ive believed that Alabama is one of the most fucked up states of the Union

This week is really giving a huge boost to my own level of confirmation bias about it.

Just in the last couple of days, Roy Moore, Louis C.K. and now, Jann Wenner

Itís no secret that the allure of some men to fame and power reveals their thirst for inappropriate sexual behavior as well.

But letís not forget that Trumpís life was full of these stories as well. Heís a self-admitted sexual predator and abuser. He must not be allowed to let the presidency protect him. How can anyone forget the precedent set when Bill Clinton was hounded into an impeachment over lying about a consensual sexual relationship?

He was actually deposed as president. I would love to see Trump in a deposition as well.

What do you think the outcome if the greatest liar that anyone has ever seen was himself deposed in a civil class action lawsuit by his victims from years of his well established sexual predation?

Theyíre out there, plenty of women who were probably treated worse by Trump than by the women (and children) apparently abused by men like Roy Moore, Louis C.K. and Jann Wenner.

Itís time for some justice for Trumpís silent victims. Itís time for the same GOPrs who impeached Clinton to show just how hypocritical they are for failing to support the impeachment of Trump, were he to do the exact same thing that Clinton was charged with.

Itís a tsunami of relevation is happening right now and the victims are refusing to be silent. Someone knows who Trumpís victims are, they should be encouraged to chose to speak up and tell the truth about him. They should be protected from the power of the most powerful sexual predator on the planet. They should be believed and the proper responses taken against Trump.

Itís time for a reckoning.

Four words of wisdom about this Roy Moore child molestation revelation...

Never Underestimate Republican Hypocrisy.

In spite of the reports that he was trying to dip his wick into several underaged teens, he's STILL running and his braindead, bible thumping, cousin-humping supporters are going to vote for him next month, in spite of all of that.

They don't care if he abused children when he was younger. (Some of them might even admire him for it.) All they care about is the fact that he's representative of their pious, regressive, racist ideology.

Sure, Moore is a fucking asshole, but he's THEIR fucking asshole. His very unfitness for public office isn't a bug, it's the feature that endears him to much of fucking Alabama. To me, he's simply one of the best examples of why I'm glad that my great-grandparents fled there more than ninety years ago.

In order to beat him in the upcoming election, Democrats are going to have to come out in droves, because his fans certainly will. And his fans are more like cult members than anything else. Roy Moore isn't running a political campaign, he's running a cult of personality. He's the biggest religious nut bag to run for public office that I've ever seen in my entire life.

Back in 2003, I spent six weeks in Alabama doing Air Force stuff and I saw up close and first hand, during that whole Ten Commandments thingie, what kind of people these are. There were a bunch of pro-monument protesters on the courthouse steps day and night. These fools didn't have lives apparently. There were trucks driving around Montgomery, emblazoned with religious nuttery. It was fucking nuts.

One funny thing I saw on the TV was where this one protester was getting interviewed for the local news. The news person asked him why he was protesting and he said that he was there to help protect the country's freedom of religion... The kicker was when the reporter followed that up when she asked him if he would protest in favor of a Hindu or Islamic monument. Of course, the guy said that he wouldn't... Because America is a Christian nation in his opinion. I found it amusing that this fool just admitted that he was a fucking hypocrite to a TV camera.

I also found it amusing that they stood up on those steps and prayed that a marble graven idol to the Ten Commandments was not removed from the Court, something that has one commandment written on it that one should not worship graven idols.

Roy Moore's people, everybody! Hypocrites ALL!

Roy Moore? Of course, Roy Moore

Abusers beware. The time for silence is over, no matter who you are.

No more abuse, especially in the age of Trump.

The GOPRs are scared!

Well what are they waiting for, they're still "in charge," right?

C'mon, guys, take away the health insurance of millions of Americans, cut taxes on the ultra rich while raising the taxes for everyone else and treat millions of black and brown people like shit, just like you and your pumpkin hued "leader" promised.

No point in captaining a cruise liner if you can't steer it directly into an iceberg. With global warming, those suckers are getting harder to come by.

It's time for a gittin' a "win" while the time's to be got! Donnie Two Scoops will be will you every inch of the way!

See y'all in 2018, ya' hear!

With this recent explosion of revelation about sexual predators...

I can only credit the frustration borne from the way that Trump has been allowed to be our Sexual Predator In Chief for all of this.

The shock and horror of letting Cheetolini Pussygrabber get away with his bullshit has definitely inspired victims of other predators to speak up. It's about fucking time.

Predators beware... Silence no longer has lease.

Clearly, if Republicans want to win, they need to get on Donald Trump's bandwagon

That is, according to Trump himself:


Gee, who could argue with rock solid reasoning like that?

I think that I speak for everyone here that it's clear that more and more Republicans seeking reelection should hang as much Donald Trump around their own necks as much is inhumanly possible.

They should all identify with Trump, a man who so adequately speaks to his own followers' irrational fears, bigoted biases and utter incoherence. It takes a nonsensical man of the first order to put to voice, the slobbering grunts and groans of his knuckle-dragging cult followers, and Trump is that man. And it gets results in elections, as we've seen tonight.


The writing is on the wall, and it should be tattooed on all of the foreheads of GOPr pols: "I Love Donald Trump," as to make sure that of the voters in the land know exactly where they stand. No time for standing in the middle of the road. Cut bait or fish. Get with the program and pick a side: With Trump or with basic existence.

So, more Donald Trump for the GOP... And less GOP for everyone else.

I think that it's a working formula to Make Assholes Go Away. One that America both wants and needs.

Well done, everybody!

And, as always, FDT.

Yeah, BOYEE!

NJ and VA today, the rest of America tomorrow!

Congrats to Governors-Elect Northam and Murphy!

What the fuck was up with Carter Page and that dumbass hat that he was wearing?

With that stupid grin on his mug, he looked like a fucking doofus.

I tell ya, if anything this whole Trump mess has brought to the country, mediocrity has been given more access to our government than it should deserve.


Mystic Brew

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