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The Police - So Lonely (V)

Voices Inside My Head (V)

Pet Buzz

I have this strange craving for fruit cake, sugar cookies and egg nog...

What does this all mean?

It's not about cigarette taxes...

You know what's funny?

When I was in my late teens and earlier twenties, I didn't have such the negative opinion of cops in general that I do today as a man in my fifties.

In my late teens and twenties I was never harassed by cops for no reason, the ones that I did interact... (with the exception of two racist suburban white cop motherfuckers who tried to arrest me for "stealing" my own bike) weren't insulting or abusive to me.

My opinion of the police began to change in the aftermath of the Rodney King incident and the exposé surround more suburban (Maryland) cops, this time around DC.

Then I went to Germany for four years. I considered it a palate cleanser. When I got back in 1999, I watched the TV show "COPS" with new eyes. I asked, "Why are these cops fucking with people for no good reason at all?"

Then the incidents with absusive police killings all over the country started pouring in. To the point today, where misconduct seems to be all too common and expected.

The kicker was checking out the PoliceOne.com website, where cops talk amongst themselves.

Today my opinion of the police in general has been completely poisoned. And I totally blame the police for this.

I know that this isn't about me. It never had to be about me. However, I do have empathy for others, for the victims of police abuse. I don't fear for myself today, as a man in my fifties. But I do fear for those young people in their teens and twenties today, who only know of the police as abusive and violent.

Sometime ya gotta go there...

Words have certain meaning, power, implication and even consequence.

Slurs (racist/sexist/abelist/etc) are particularly empowering for some and de-powering for others.

If you think that it's a good idea to use them in MIXED company, perhaps it's a time for a little self-awareness of your surroundings.

Just never forget that the words you use say more about your own character and state of mind than anything else.


Just wondering...

Just how often do NYPD officers lose their jobs or even face prosecution for negligent homicide?

Basically, whenever they take someone's life when that person did nothing to have it taken: Running someone over in a speeding patrol car accident, shot in the chest just for walking in a darkened stairwell or any other "tragic accident" as they like to put it.

Do they even care about that life that was taken, or is their first instinct to find a way to cover their own asses?

Given the callous disregard that the Police their seems to have for anyone except themselves, I'm guessing that none of them have. Can anyone prove me wrong?

You know, with the bar set as low as to just go home at the end of a shift in order to constitute the definition of having a "good day" on duty, I'm surprised that the NYPD solves any real crimes at all... After all, most of their time is spent harassing, humiliating and even brutalizing people for no good goddamn reason at all.

What the fuck would they be doing if they had real jobs?

A handy-dandy 20-step guide to premeditated or First Degree Murder...

Gun Pundit Publishes ‘How To’ Guide To Kill Everyone You Meet, Including Pregnant Ladies


More Americans are killed by guns than in any other nation on earth, yet according to this Guns.Com writer, we need to get killing some more. Jeffrey Denning’s piece entitled 20 rules for winning gun fights, is the ‘How To’ guide for killing, literally, everyone you ever met.

Denning’s Number 1 Rule speaks to the kind of pathological paranoia present in gun nuts. Seriously, anyone thinking like this should automatically disqualify from owning a weapon.

1. Be prepared to use deadly force.

This emotional, mental and psychological decision must be made long before the incident arrives. You may have to shoot a man, a woman, pregnant lady or a teenager. Think about it before the time arrives. Be prepared to stop a co-worker, a neighbor, a teammate, friend, or even a relative. You may have to physically hurt or kill someone that you know or someone you’ve talked with or like or someone you think you know well.

That’s right, you’re not a man until you’ve eyed a pregnant woman and thought:

“Yeah, I could shoot that b*tch!”

The rest: http://www.addictinginfo.org/2014/12/04/gun-pundit-publishes-how-to-guide-to-kill-everyone-you-meet-including-pregnant-ladies/

You wanna know what's wrong with this fucking country? It's people like Denning that's wrong with this fucking country.
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