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The Family Budget robs grandma!

I hope to GAWD that Ernst gets it into her empty skull to run for President

Even dead comedy writers would rise from their graves to write her skits.

I think that the words "Keep smiling" has been plastered on Ernst's teleprompter

President Obama's best SOTU ever!

No doubt about it.

I'm watching the SOTU on C-SPAN

Great to not hear the babblers babble.

OK, I will say it… Rich motherfuckers don't deserve any more god damned money

Over half the world's wealth? Are you fucking kidding me? In a world where misery abounds, where poor and distressed people are turning to radicalism in order to alleviate their suffering, where the environment is being ravaged for profit, where the world around us is crumbling, we want to fatten the already overflowing coffers of the greediest of the greedy?

Fuck that noise.

This isn't about jealously, or envy… It's about basic survival.

Our economies have been stagnant for decades, wages frozen as the cost of living rises, becoming more and more expensive for those who earn wages to live. We've forgotten how to prosper. We've learned that empathy is for suckers. It's now our duty to love our rich masters at the detriment of ourselves and our loved ones.

I could go on all day about this, but I won't. The balance of power has been bought and paid for by the people who have stolen our futures. Little do they know that these things always require a correction, a reckoning. Forcing one will not make it any more palatable for anyone. It'll create general suffering to impel action.

At that time, after the chaos and the aftermath, people will look back and wonder why we let this go on for so long. They'll say that they've came to their senses where we have not. And after some time, in a moment of comfort and absence of due diligence, they'll start creeping into the same old mistakes that got us where we are now.

Past is prologue.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana

Today's edition of Really Unfortunate Shit Happening In America...


Gently blow on your screen...

What's wrong with this picture? Discuss.

Possession of ice cream, whipped cream topping, nuts and a cherry on top can get you arrested here:

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