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"If you loved me, you would do everything I'd say." - Bibi

I've never seen a world leader behave like a jealous lover before.

I think that'll get get to see one tomorrow, if we wish.


Good answer.

Is Lee Pace blue and black, or is he gold and white?

The Conscience Of Star Trek...

Cleveland Police Union Blames 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice For Being Some Kind Of Monster

by Shrill
Feb 28 11:30 am 2015

It is tempting to look at the problem of police brutality and try to summarize it into a problem we have the tools to repair. Then you read a quote like this one, about Tamir Rice.

“Tamir Rice is in the wrong,” he said. “He’s menacing. He’s 5-feet-7, 191 pounds. He wasn’t that little kid you’re seeing in pictures. He’s a 12-year-old in an adult body. Tamir looks to his left and sees a police car. He puts his gun in his waistband. Those people — 99 percent of the time those people run away from us. We don’t want him running into the rec center. That could be a whole other set of really bad events. They’re trying to flush him into the field. Frank [the driver] is expecting the kid to run. The circumstances are so fluid and unique.

“The guy with the gun is not running. He’s walking toward us. He’s squaring off with Cleveland police and he has a gun. Loehmann is thinking, ‘Oh my God, he’s pulling it out of his waistband.’”

— Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association President Steve Loomis, as reported in Politico Magazine.

Even a mildly attentive reading of Loomis’s language and reasoning is both illuminating and alarming. Without the carefully tailored language of the written official statement, the constructive seams in the logic of the police officer begin to show. Far from admitting culpability in Rice’s death, Loomis neatly dismisses even the idea that this was just a tragic and fatal misunderstanding. Tamir Rice is guilty in the crime of his own death. Loomis denies Tamir the innocence of childhood because Tamir has the wrong body for a child. In America, I am beginning to realize, there are no black children, but black bodies of different sizes and threat levels, latent or active, primal and overgrown. Tamir lives in an indicted, criminal body, and it is for this reason that he deserved to die. It is because of the inherent criminality of the black body that Loomis’s logic assumes that Tamir is already guilty. Tamir, being already guilty, approached the police car because he wanted to gun down the police officers, rather than running away. This is one interpretation of Tamir’s behavior. The other interpretation, not even considered plausible enough to be explicitly dismissed, is that a 12-year-old boy sitting at a park bench would approach a police car because he believed the lie that the innocent have nothing to fear from the police. He believed the lie that the police were there to protect him, too. Loomis is old enough to know that this is a lie, and this is why he finds nothing wrong with Tamir’s death. There is no fog of apathy to be burned away, no ignorance to be replaced.

Read more at http://wonkette.com/577893/cleveland-police-union-blames-12-year-old-tamir-rice-for-being-some-kind-of-monster#hZlV55LGtxiwHoSz.99

"Yeah, right there, right there. Don't stop, don't you dare stop…"

The Last Tweet.

Use your imagination...

Neocon John Bolton's moustache is planning on running against Hillary as "Obama's 3rd term"

My ass wants to laugh.

Today must be neocon warmonger day.

Two of these motherfuckers ignored the terrorism spawned from our wars against Iraq... "We didn't start this war."

Fuck these people.

Now he's giving Bibi a rhetorical handjob.
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