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If you haven't already watched this PBS Frontline episode on the NRA...


Other programs on the subject are linked as well.

I suggest that you'd all give it a look.

I'm quite convinced that the NRA incites people to love their guns more than to love their own children.

Video at link.

All you Vets, FALL IN!

USAF - 1983-2005!

None of their catch phrases were particularly catchy tonight…

I hope that the people who were playing drinking games were drinking at home.

Who else here thinks that the GE commercials are really fucking condescending?

Oh, yeah, so we don't know what a gawd damned computer programmer does?

He needs a sledge hammer or is a choo-choo train driver? His coding is just like a smartphone app developer?

So, Dude writes code for GE, why is that so freaking cryptic?

Ted Cruz's Five agencies…

I have this huge cup of iced peach tea that I'm drinking next to my computer…

I have to be very careful with it while watching this GOPer debate…

Is the primary over yet?

When will it end?

"Don't Believe The Liberal Media"

What "Liberal Media?"

Fall around here is pretty weird.

I just saw TAKEN 3...

I thought that the acting, the writing, the stunts, the locales, the effects and the plot were all top notch. It's definitely an action movie's action movie.

However, I'm glad that I saw this movie on my tv first, rather than watching it at the big screen theater, because I'm quite sure that it would have given me a bad case of motion sickness. Fucking shaky cam.

I have no idea why they thought it was a good idea to direct and edit every fucking scene with a shitload of quick cuts with a shaky cam. I've never seen so many quick edits in a movie before in my entire life. How the hell can you expect the audience to process scenes when they're all two gawd damn seconds in length and shaken like a James Bond martini? Not just the action sequences, but the dialogue sequences as well. Who the fuck uses shaky cam on dialogue sequences?

It's basically a primer on how not to shoot and edit a movie. Take the fucking chase scenes, they had absolutely no sense of time and direction. It was just an impossibly quick series of shaken wheels and streets and they never allowed the viewer to process their sense of time, distance and location. The fight scenes were pretty much nothing more than close ups of limbs with a shaky cam.

Death to the shaky cam!

You take a great movie in all the other aspects and then chop it up like a plate of chipped beef that was tossed in a paint shaker. I have no idea how well this movie did at the theater, but if I saw it there I'd had a hard time sitting through the entire thing before having to walk out it to clear my head.

Maybe they'll do better with Taken 4.

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