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America, The Beautiful - Equal Time


It was ugly...


Close To You - Jacob Collier

Feliz Natividad.

Luciano Pavarotti & James Brown - It's a man's world

I'm Dreaming of a Barry White Christmas

Racist, anti-black and pro-police factions are out to discredit the anti-abuse movement

By putting these two dead Brooklyn cops up as martyrs.

The lies against the movement have already started. Now ALL cops are being depicted as "brave heroes" under siege. The paranoia is flying for sure.

I pretty much expect cops to react with more violence and abuse now, they're looking for cover for any future incident where innocent and unarmed people are abused and killed at the hands of the police.

The anti-abuse movement still has no intention of resorting to reactionary violence itself. The killer of those two cops is not representative of that movement. The movement is about peace and justice, not retaliation.

By normalizing relations with Cuba...

The Cuban exile community most likely fears that its special snowflake of favored status with Right Wingers in this country is in dire danger of eventually melting.

That snowflake should have melted a long time ago.

My 100th HOUSE FIRE show AND End of Year special...

Enjoy: http://www.mixcloud.com/Mr_Scorpio/mrscorpios-house-fire-podcast-100-most-dope-for-2014-hip-hopsoul-edition-broadcast-19-dec-2014/

I have a sneaking suspicion...

...That our first non-white POTUS has always been under one kind of attack or another because those who are attacking him simply want to poison the waters to prevent this county from electing another non-white person in the foreseeable future.

I've had that suspicion and I haven't been able to shake itů Don't know why.

Anyone wanna talk me down?
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